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Study in the States - International Student Program


Study in the States in beautiful Santa Monica, where the climate is never too hot nor too cold, where you can do your homework on the beach with waves lapping at your feet.

The Lighthouse Christian Academy (high school) is in many ways the optimal chance to study in the States: great academics, great English, great location.Where else can you find a city with Disneyland, Universal Studios and some of the most beautiful national parks nearby? Where else can you ski in the mountains in the morning and drive to surf that same afternoon at the beach?

If you want to study in the States, we are SEVP-certified and issue I-20 student visas. If your goal is to enroll in an American university, you’ll want to improve your English from high school level. We award high school diplomas (F-1) to our international students who graduate with us.

Program Highlights

To study in the States, Lighthouse Christian Academy offers applicants:

  • Excellent English

  • Top college preparatory classes

  • Flexible academic schedule with diverse electives

  • Sports (competitive 8-man American football, soccer, volleyball and swimming)

  • Art electives

  • Drama opportunities

  • Music electives

  • Business Administration electives

  • Film electives

  • Internet marketing electives

  • Small, family school

  • Host family housing

  • Ideal location to sights of Los Angeles

Lighthouse Christian Academy has hosted students from China, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Korea, Spain, Thailand and Brazil. Founded 20 years ago, LCA is characterized by high academic standards, a welcoming student culture, and consistently positive parent and student feedback.  Lighthouse Christian Academy offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum and comprehensive co-curricular programs. In many ways, Santa Monica represents the best America has to offer: world-renowned restaurants and tourism, quality city services, convenience and fun. This Southern California city will allow you to visit Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles within minutes.  Visit to learn more about the Santa Monica area. Applications for students entering grades 9 through 12 will be accepted through May 1 for the following school year.

Tuition and fees for foreign students are listed below. If you are interested in talking with us about attending LCA, please contact Josh Young, the international program director, at 310.829.2522 or send an email to

Admission Criteria

Lighthouse Christian Academy is accepting applications from international high school age students, grade 9-12, who are interested in pursuing a college-prep program from a nondenominational school of excellence providing a biblically-based education. While most students plan to study until graduation, students wishing to study for only one year are welcome. Applicants are granted admission based on the following:

  • Transcripts must show above-average academic ability

  • It is preferable that students meet the following English Proficiency Standards

  • Students must be responsible, honest, cooperative, demonstrate good character, display good citizenship and be respectful to others

  • Students must be self-motivated, responsible for their own success and able to organize personal time

  • Student must complete and submit the required application forms, documentation and recommendations, along with the required nonrefundable application fee (see Admissions Checklist)

  • Successfully complete a personal interview (via Skype if out of the country)


Application Process

Step 1: Get to know us

Become familiar with our academic and extra-curricular programming through our website. For more information call our international program director at 310.829.2522 or email

Parent / Student Handbook

International Student Supplemental Handbook


Step 2: Apply for admission

Submit the following to:

Attn: International Program Director
Lighthouse Christian Academy
1424 Yale Street
Santa Monica, California 90404
fax: 310.829.5544

  • Fill out an International Student Application.

    • Download a form, complete, and return to the admissions office by mail or fax, or email a digital copy.

  • Official copy of student’s grades / transcripts from past two years of academics, including English translation and school seal

  • Copy of student’s passport

  • Official copy of immunization record in English

  • Documentation of a TOEFL or iTEP SLATE score.

    • For more information on the TOEFL or to schedule a test visit Please request on the TOEFL registration form that your scores be sent directly to the Lighthouse Christian Academy. Our school code is 9112.

    • For more information on the iTEP SLATE or to schedule a test visit Please request on the registration form that your scores be sent directly to the Lighthouse Christian Academy.

  • A recent photo of applicant.

  • Official copy of bank statement with sufficient funds for tuition and fees (in U.S. currency as required by INS)

  • Non-refundable $150 application fee, payable to LCA.  Wire transfer information is available on request.


Step 3: Schedule a Skype Interview

Once we receive the application, the international student director will contact you for an interview.  The interview consists of meeting with the applicant for about 30 minutes.  Interviews can be conducted in person or by Skype.


Step 4: Notification of Admission Status

Following the interview and review of all application documents, you will be notified via email of your admission status.  The decision is made based on the student application, interview, availability of host families, and the fit of the student with available host families.  Lighthouse Christian Academy admits qualified students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.  If accepted, LCA will send you an Acceptance Letter along with an Enrollment Packet.


Step 5: Items to submit once admitted to confirm enrollment:

  • Pay for tuition in full prior to July 1.  Failure to do this can result in the cancellation of the I-20.

  • Enrollment Contract


Step 6: Follow-up Procedure

Upon receiving the required enrollment paperwork and fees, LCA will send the following:

1. A Welcome Letter (verification of enrollment)

2. The I-20 form from LCA

3. A receipt for any payment made to LCA

Lighthouse Christian Academy has state department clearance to issue I-20 visas through the SEVIS system. After students have been admitted, submitted all of the above documents and paid the tuition in full, the I-20 will be issued.  If the student is accepted, the I-20 will be sent to the family by mail after the enrollment contract and tuition payment has been submitted to LCA.

Sign the I-20 issued to you by Lighthouse Christian Academy.  Your signature on the I-20 commits you to the terms outlined on page 2 of the I-20.


Step 7: Visa Application

The documents needed at the Embassy are:

1. The Passport

2. The Acceptance Letter

3. The I-20 form from LCA

4. The receipt for any payments made to LCA

5. Proof of payment of SEVIS I-901 fee

6. Proof of family financial support

7. Proof of connection to home country after schooling is finished


Step 8: Final Details

When your Visa is granted, please contact the LCA international program director immediately and provide a copy of the Visa. Also inform the school as to when you will be arriving in Santa Monica.  Airline arrangements are to be direct flights from the student’s home country to Los Angeles (LAX).  Each student is to provide travel itinerary including flight confirmation number, flight number, date, and time so that it can confirmed on the airline’s website.

Arrange flight and then notify LCA international program director of your travel plans.  Arrive on campus the date the I-20 begins.  If you travel to the US prior to this date, please understand that you must provide your own transportation and living arrangements.  Please arrive on campus on the day the I-20 begins.

Upon arrival in the United States, submit a medical form, which is to be completed by a physician in the United States.  This may be completed prior to the arrival date on campus or can be arranged with the host family during the first week of boarding, prior to the beginning of the academic year.  This medical evaluation will be at the boarding student’s expense.

If you have any questions about the admission process, please contact Josh Young, international program director, at 310.829.2522 or send an email to

Tuition and Fees

The cost for the 2020-2021 school year is $29,500.   (The cost for only one semester is $19,000)

Tuition and Fees include: Tuition, Room and board, health insurance, enrollment and orientation fees, lab fees, sports fees, two AP classes, yearbook, two multi-night trips, special dinners and excursions, college counseling, college application assistance, tutoring, international processing services and textbooks.

Estimated Additional Costs:

  • Uniforms $200 – $300

  • Return to home country during Christmas break

  • Junior / Senior trip, if applicable

  • Must bring $1000 Visa card for incidental expenses (non-uniform clothing; shoes; weekend entertainment; extra art, dance, athletic lessons, etc.)

Students are responsible to purchase their own day-to-day personal items.


HomeStay Program

One of the unique features of Lighthouse Christian Academy boarding is the home stay program. Instead of an impersonal dorm setting, we believe international students living with American families are provided a much better learning environment. They also receive more focused social and emotional support. The host family is caring, friendly and genuinely interested in welcoming student into their home. Host families are chosen after reference and background checks, personal interviews and home inspections. Orientation and ongoing support is provided to host families as well. Once we assign a host family it is expected that the student will remain there for one academic year. LCA maintains communication with the host family throughout the year.

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