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Individualized Study

LCA offers Individualized Study Programs (ISP) for students seeking credit recovery, course advancement, or an alternative classroom environment.  We make use of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program which allows students to work individually through a curriculum at their own pace both at school and from home.  ISP is available for almost all subjects and grade levels.

Working in the ISP Program has really helped me a lot. I couldn’t keep up in my classes and I was falling really behind.  I entered the ISP program and I was able to catch up and finish my subjects. The nice thing about working in ISP is it’s not only for students who fall behind in their class, but it is also for students who want to get ahead as well. I really recommend this program for any student who either has a hard time in a regular classroom setting or one who wants to take more classes to get ahead in their work.

-Giacinta Pulcini, 11th Grade

ISP has been the only class that has helped me improve my grades. Because of this class my GPA has gone from a 1.65 to a 3.65.  I didn’t do well in a regular classroom setting. I failed Algebra in 8th grade.  When I came into ISP to do Algebra, it was a lot easier for me to understand and I’ve been getting good grades in this subject.  I am going to transfer into some regular classes in the fall of 2013.

-Shane Berry, 9th Grade

Before I entered the ISP Program I was failing almost every subject.  I had a 1.0 GPA and school was awful.  Since working in ISP my GPA has gone up to 3.33 and I actually like school.  This is a result of working in the PACE books and most importantly my teacher Mrs. Payton.  I like the PACE material.  It is very interesting and I am actually learning something, whereas in the classroom I wasn’t really interested in what was being taught.  I also like the feeling of being self -taught and completing the books, it makes me feel smart and successful.

-Joel Lahood, 11th Grade

The ISP has been a lifesaver for me.  I’ve always struggled academically because I have a learning disorder.  I never even thought I’d graduate high school.   Through this Independent Study Program I have made massive strides in my schoolwork.  My GPA has also improved quite significantly.   Most of all,  I will graduate this year.

-Kaitlin Lavelle, 12th Grade

I went to 5 different high schools and didn’t learn anything.  Then I came to the Lighthouse Academy’s ISP program and it helped me a lot.  I never did my work in the other schools but now I am doing my work and I am actually learning in this program.

-Jose Morales, 10th Grade

ISP has helped me by teaching me how to be accountable with my time. I have been in ISP for a year and a half, and in that time I finished Geometry and Pre-Calculus a year ahead of my classmates. Before ISP I had never gotten an “A” on a report card, now I have straight A’s.

-Ricky Rand, 11th Grade

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