Teachers and Staff


Josh Young Principal, Bible, History

Josh Young received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from UCLA and his Master of Divinity from The King's University. Josh is a graduate of LCA who also married a LCA graduate. After spending several years at an engineering firm, he left the corporate world to make impact in the lives of young people. He started working at LCA in 2012 as an administrator and teacher. He became the principal in 2018. Josh has the desire to see students achieve their full potential. He also serves as an assistant pastor at the Lighthouse Church and volunteers as a chaplain for the Santa Monica Fire Department. Josh loves his family and Jesus. 


Mike Ashcraft English, Spanish

Mike has been teaching for many years both in the United States and Guatemala, where he was a missionary for almost 16 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UCLA, graduating Magna Cum Laude. While on the mission field in Guatemala he founded a school. Now, back in the United States, Mike teaches English and Spanish. He is the pastor of the Lighthouse Church in Van Nuys and enjoys his family, journalism and soccer. 


Zach Scribner Science

Born and raised in the Lighthouse Church, Zach attended the Lighthouse schools from kindergarten through high school and graduated from LCA in 2009. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. He has worked at the Lighthouse schools for the last eight years in various roles including football coach. He desires to see students excel and looks for the good in people. He has served as the youth pastor for the Lighthouse Church. 


Lisa Clancy English

Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Loyola University of Chicago and a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology from New York University. She and her husband have four boys, three of which are LCA graduates. She is our resident firecracker and you will know when she is present. Lisa is regular participant in the Lighthouse Church women's ministry. She has been teaching at LCA for the past four years and an integral part of the team. One of her claims to fame is having started "the wave" with her family at Dodger Stadium.


Robert Ashcraft Math

A fellow graduate of LCA, Rob brings a tremendous support to our mathematics department. He is a 3rd year engineering student at CSUN. Born and raised in Guatemala while his parents were on the mission field, Rob brings a fresh perspective of life to our domestic students. He supports the growing Lighthouse Church in Van Nuys and loves soccer. 


Kathy Payton Independent Study Program

Kathy Payton has been working with the Lighthouse Schools for almost two decades. Kathy heads up the Independent Study program, which offers students a self-paced, modified curriculum tailored to their learning needs. Her patience, comprehension and firm yet gentle hand make her the loving teacher who is everyone's favorite. 


Pat Neos Administration

Hailing from the East Coast, Pat Neos tames the load of secretarial work. Her oldest son is a pastor in Port Hueneme as well as public school teacher. Her youngest son is a pastor in Hesperia and a principal/teacher there. Church and education runs through her family and we are blessed to have her at our school.