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Academic Schedule

Core School Day

LCA offers a daily school schedule of unprecedented flexibility and customization, similar to what students will encounter at the university level.  Varying from the average high school prototype, our core school days are Monday to Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., during which the core subjects of english, math, science, and history are taught in a traditional block schedule format with students taking two 75-minute core classes per semester.  This scheduling enables us to complete all core subject teaching in two and a half hours, and then utilize the remainder of the day for electives and activities.

Electives and Bible

Alongside the core school day, LCA students are required to take electives and Bible classes.  To satisfy the elective and Bible unit requirements, LCA offers a variety of classes at diverse times and schedules.  The schedule for each elective and Bible classes is unique, with some classes offered before school and others after; additionally, some are everyday, while others are one or two days a week, and still others are offered on the weekends.  The goal of this scheduling is to allow students to choose the classes that best fit their interests and schedules.  To fulfill the requirements, students must take a minimum of 5 Bible units and 10 elective units each semester.  The elective units must have a minimum of 5 non-P.E. units.

Although the core school day scheduling may appear to require less instructional time than is required typically for high school, the flexible scheduling of the elective and Bible classes actually means that most of our students spend their time effectively, learning and working in interesting, hands-on environments, while in the process earning more credits than students on a standard schedules. Read article about scientific evidence supporting benefits of late start here.

Sample Schedule of academic courses (DOWNLOAD)

IMG_0009 7.JPG
2016-08-31 08.21.10.jpg
IMG_0008 20.JPG

The benefits of LCA’s unique schedule include:

1.  Late start time, which research has shown to improve student behavior, performance, and well-being.

2.  Flexible schedule, which enables our students to participate in a wide variety of activities such as electives, Bible classes, sports, concurrent enrollment at community college, part-time jobs, tutoring, etc. 


This schedule allows us to offer electives and Bible classes taught by experts in their fields in a format that encourages maximum productivity and learning potential, rather than a format that confines students to typical school periods.  Also, we can offer a much wider variety of practical classes that are taught through hands-on experience.  Additionally, the flexibility means students can take classes that they actually find interesting, rather than simply filling in an elective period, which eliminates wasted classroom time, an ongoing problem in many schools.  While students can work with LCA faculty to design their own elective and Bible class schedules, allowing them to pursue and develop their unique and individual interests and abilities, the instructional hours for all elective and Bible classes also meet the required hours for accredited high school classes.  Furthermore, because we believe that school should enhance a person’s education, not consume it, our flexible scheduling makes room for life outside of school, time for family, time for pursuits that are not school-centered.

4. University preparedness, as the semester schedule and flexible elective and Bible classes mirror university scheduling practices, LCA students are further prepared for the collegiate environment.

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