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College Preparation

Graduation Hat Throw

Following a liberal arts tradition, the LCA curriculum aims at preparing each student for admission to a university.  Our graduates have no trouble making the transition to college level academics or university life.  LCA graduates have also gone on to top-tier colleges and universities including UCLA, USC, and Harvard and Stanford graduate schools.  Our alumni fill the spectrum of professions and career fields including lawyers, doctors, dentists, pastors, teachers, writers, and filmmakers.

College Presentations

Each year colleges and universities from Southern California visit our campus so students and parents have an opportunity to talk with admissions counselors, hear presentations and evaluate choices and options. Presentations typically follow the Core School Day and are held throughout the school year.

Concurrent Enrollment

LCA also works closely with local community colleges like Santa Monica College and West LA College for students who wish to fulfill some of their undergrad requirement classes while still in high school.  Concurrent enrollment is open to all students that would like to get college credit, while in high school.  There is no cost for these classes, but students are encouraged to find classes and begin enrollment procedures well before the start of Fall and Spring semesters because their class start dates typically differ from ours. DOWNLOAD our Concurrent Enrollment checklist and forms.

We also encourage students and families to look into Santa Monica College’s Scholars Program which puts students on track for University transfer with SMC boasting an 80+ percent transfer rate to universities like UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine.

Standardized Testing

The LCA requires standardized testing for all grade levels.  Standardized testing provides college preparatory experience and allows us to evaluate our students on a state-wide and national basis.  Test results have no bearing on student grades or standing in their classes but completion of the tests is a requirement for graduation.  Basic standardized test preparation is provided in relevant classes, but students are encouraged to seek out additional test prep courses and tutoring.

Students in each grade level must complete the following standardized tests:

9th: PSAT

10th: PSAT

11th: PSAT

12th: SAT*

*The PSAT are given on-site once a year.  The SAT must be taken off-site.

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