Wut? Was that the soccer player making smackdowns against Bloomington?

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LCA gets crushed by disciplined Blooington Christian School, but there were bright spots


Erhan Mehric, a Turk and soccer player, congratulated by coaches Lucas Moraida (left) and Justine Kayne.

Countless times Erhan Mehric destroyed his opponents — on video games.

On Sept. 30, he destroyed them in real life.

No, it wasn’t another rampage of mass murder. It was a rampage of mass tackles. The frail Lighthouse soccer player chased down and brought crashing down five of Bloomington’s beasts.

Ultimately, the Lighthouse Christian Academy was resoundingly defeated by Bloomington Christian School’s well-disciplined team of 8-man football. But there were upsides to the lopsided loss.

And to think Erhan almost didn’t join the team. His sport is soccer. Why would he risk injury for a sport he doesn’t even enjoy?

“My friends persuaded me,” said the soft-spoken foreign exchange student from Turkey. “I didn’t want to play at first, but now it’s fun. I’ve decided I like tackling.”

The Saints lost 6-62 and continue winless this season.

“We’re a very young team,” said Coach Zach Scribner. “We’re playing a team of juniors and seniors, and we’re mostly freshmen and sophomores. We’re going to have this next year. They’re very well disciplined and coached, and we need to be more disciplined.”

The Saints essentially headed towards a loss early in the game when Marcus Scribner was sidelined with a neck injury. The sophomore, hailing from NFL stock (his grandfather played for the LA Rams), brings a lot to the team. His absence represented a huge hole in defense and offense.

“Marcus got hurt in the beginning of the game,” Zach said. “Unfortunately, when you have only ten guys and you lose one of your core guys, the rest of the game becomes trying to juggle and throw things together that you haven’t practiced… It’s hard to practice them because you don’t know, we didn’t expect Marcus to go down.”

Reflecting that key casualty, the Ravens were up 48-0 by half time.


Levi’s catch Photenhauer’s catch that led to the Saints only touchdown.

Recruiting soccer players for kicker is not uncommon, but usually after they whack the ball downfield, they run for cover as carnage erupts on the gridiron. Erhan surprised everyone two games ago when, instead of diving for the bunker, he engaged the enemy with a smackdown worthy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


Hosea Ashcraft hits the hole and runs.

Befuddled Lighthouse fans scratched their collective head. Was that Erhan, the kicker, who grappled the ball runner like a Krav Maga instructor? Or did they see amiss in the blur of action?

As the dust settled, out of the rubble emerged the bombman. Erhan stood up solidly, ready for more action.

Coach salivated. Immediately, he began planning to award more playing time to the upstart. Erhan would be incorporated into defense against the Ravens.

He didn’t disappoint the varsity football squad.

“Erhan’s a great athlete,” Zach said. “After doing just a few tackling drills ever, he comes out and never misses a tackle. He’s just so fast. It shows how important speed is in this game: You get to the guy and you hold onto him, and you’ll tackle him.”


Hosea Ashcraft intercepts a pitch and runs towards the TD line.

There were other bright spots. Tiny but tough Hosea Ashcraft, a sophomore, intercepted a pitch from the Raven quarterback and ran almost to the TD line.

Sophomores Garrett Lahood and Levi Photenhauer wrecked havoc. In the final moments of the game, the twosome caught successive passes to combine for a consolation touchdown.

“Levi is running around doing great things,” Zach said. “But the bottom line is we can’t fire off the ball. I told the line before the game, ‘If you guys fire off the ball, you can win this game for us.’ But we didn’t do that. Everybody had good moments out there. But it’s obvious when the score is 62-6, the bad far outweighs the good.”


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