World Cup champions to Lighthouse soccer

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best-soccer-world-germany-in-santa-monicaBy Nicholas Knapp, LCA freshman —

Two players on our team are from Japan, and two are from Africa. The captain is from Turkey. And I’m from the best soccer playing country in the world — Germany.

I mean, who could dispute the last World Cup (2014) in which my second country (but speakers of my first language!) dispatched Brazil 7-1 in the greatest humiliation ever on the greatest stage for the greatest sport?

Yeah, that’s where I’m from, and I’ve been playing soccer since I wore pampers (well, maybe not that early).


When I was littler, at Mar Vista soccer.

I’m a two country kid. Every summer I spend in Germany because my parents are from there.

In an idyllic town of Sindelfingen (near soccer powerhouse Stuttgart), I while away the time doing Harlem Globetrotter tricks on the ball with my feet. I’ll play anybody. The kids are in school during the day, so I usually find some adults in the park to practice with in the morning. I can get in a pickup game easy because everybody plays. The place breathes and bleeds soccer.

I was born in L.A., but my heart belongs to German soccer.


This is my German town. I’m heading off to play soccer.

We play till our parents make us come in everyday. One summer my mom made me go to school in Germany and during the break everyone plays soccer, girls and boys. I was in third grade but my friend Christos and I would always play with the 5th graders because it was more of a challenge.

Every Sunday I would go play soccer with my uncle and his colleagues. I would say that that is what made me a good player. By playing with adults when I played with kids it was easy. I look forward to going to Germany this year and see how much my friends have improved!

santa-monica-christian-schoolThis year, my mom enrolled me at Lighthouse Christian Academy, the Santa Monica Christian school. I’m excited because the team looks good. There’s a bunch of foreigners who really know the sport. They have technical ability and strategic understanding.

I really admire Erhan Mehric, the senior. He’s an amazing player for varsity soccer. Everyone on the team is putting in effort and showing great potential. Coach Mefford is a great coach and understands each of the players.

I think we’re going to have a great season.

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