The Jesus freaks at the Christian school in Santa Monica

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Hailey, at left.

By Hailey Johnson, LCA sophomore —

Before I came to LCA, I was a student at John Adams Middle School.

If you’ve never visited JAMS , a 1-word summary of the school would be: disorganized. The school was filled with around 1,000 kids, each equipped with a sailor mouth.

It was my last year at JAMS, and I didn’t feel very motivated. I started doing less of my work and hardly showing up for my classes. Towards the middle of the school year, I begged my parents to transfer me to somewhere else.

going-to-Jesus-freak-schoolTo my surprise, my mother found a a Christian school in Santa Monica. Within a week, I was enrolled at Lighthouse Church School, which is the elementary/middle school counterpart for LCA.

My family wasn’t really all that religious, so it was a new experience for me. On my very first day, I thought that everyone was incredibly eccentric and I thought of them as “Jesus freaks.”

I was so prideful that I distanced myself from everyone for the rest of the school year. A couple of months later I moved on to the high school, Lighthouse Christian Academy, where I also distanced myself from others but not as much.

non-religious-at-Christian-schoolHowever, at the beginning of my sophomore year I somewhat came out of my shell and started socializing with all sorts of unique and distinct people, who encouraged me to get more involved with the school.

I ended up going to events I’d never even think of going to such as the Walk to Africa, Senior Dinner, and Harvester’s Homecoming.

Out of all the schoolwide events, I highly encourage incoming students and parents to go to Senior Dinner. While it’s an unusual replacement for prom, the event is full of comical presentations from the students, singing, and enough food to entertain you for hours.

The Walk to Africa and Harvester’s Homecoming weren’t my favorites, as I have no interest in visiting a third world country, and some of the testimonies that I heard at Harvester’s didn’t really relate to me.

Although I sometimes miss the freedom that public school allows you, I’m glad I’m at LCA.

Here I’m pushed by my teachers and peers to achieve in my classes, unlike at JAMS. I can’t wait for the next years to come.

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  2. Stephanie Parker McKean

    27. Jun, 2017

    Wonderful blog! Sparkling! I shared it on Facebook. God bless, and I thank God for Christian schools.

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