Soccer mojo from Africa

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Brothers and competitors, Mosie and Josie do the one-on-one soccer faceoff

By Garrett Lahood, LCA sophomore —

Heh, heh, heh. You could say these guys are the mojo of Lighthouse soccer.

That’s because Mosie and Josie — the MoJo, twins from Africa, adopted by missionary parents in Senegal — stand to be a force to be reckoned with in Saints soccer in the 2017-’18 season. With one in the midfield and the one on defense, these missionary kids have brought all the soccer talent from the continent that launches other African youth to Premier League brilliance.


Some skills. Josie shows some of what’s to come for the 2017-’18 season.

When they were born, Moses and Joshua were starving on a diet of rice, no milk. They’re mother had died of blood poisoning, and their father was unable to care for them. With no immediate relatives available, someone appealed to missionary extraordinaires Ralph “Buddy” Bowen and his wife Brenda, who dutifully came running across international borders to take charge of the boys. They were languishing between life and death, between hopelessness and faith, between becoming a statistic and ratcheting up statistics Lighthouse Christian Academy soccer.

It’s been quite a turnaround, and Mosie and Josie hope to bring a turnaround to the underwhelming Saints soccer.


Mosie juggles.

Pastor Ralph and executive-turned-missionary’s-wife Brenda had starting churches in Sierra Leone and The Gambia before venturing on a third congregation in Senegal.

It was the prior church that was the connection. They were winding down their 20-year stint in West Africa when they received the call from the Gambia to adopt the boys. They spirited the boys back to Senegal, where Brenda called doctors in the Lighthouse Church to nurse the feeble babies to health.

It looks like it worked because, boy, those boys are they strong!


At first he didn’t want to leave his homeland. Now, Josie is happy to be in America.

Josie’s got muscle. Mosie’s got touch and timing.

While in America, the three sports are baseball, basketball and football, in Africa they are soccer, soccer and soccer. Or as they call it there, football (because the foot actually touches the ball, unlike the American same-named sport in which the foot rarely touches the ball). The missionary kids played soccer continuously. Then they came to America.

After 20 years in Africa, Ralph and Brenda came home to Santa Monica, where Brenda teaches in the Lighthouse Church School and Ralph works as a handyman and French teacher at the LCA.

Mosie and Josie were 10 when they uprooted from Africa and left all their friends behind.  The sand on the Western seashore of the United States was pretty much similar to the sand on the beaches of West Africa.

They enrolled in the Lighthouse Middle School and coursed up to high school. Currently, they are studying in LCA’s Independent Study Program. They are both freshmen this year – and starters on the team.

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