Racism in school is no joking matter

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racism in school? no way!

Jahziel, Linda, Rebecca, former students of LCA

By a former LCA student

There’s no place for racism in school.

Starting from the early 1700’s, racism has influenced many parts of the world, but mostly America. Although in this day and age it is taken casually, racism is a very serious subject.

Racism has caused the destruction of society and taken many lives. During the colonial times, Americans owned black slaves, because they believed that black people were lesser than them. Peoples were judged by the color of their skin and prejudices that others thought them to be. However, this all changed when Martin Luther King Jr. stood up against segregation. He wanted equality for all ethnic groups, and eventually that happened.

In 1954, segregation was outlawed in America, but that did not stop racism in America. There is still racism in America, and it still affects many individuals. Although everyone is racist or have some racist tendencies, it should not be used to make jokes and degrade others. It is dangerous, because it can hurt peoples’ feelings and their self-confidence.

We should learn to be examples towards the people around us, and show them that racism should not be something we use to get a laugh. The seriousness of racism has changed throughout the years, but the impact is still as big. It is used as a means of bullying and jokes, but it is not fun for the individual that receives the “jokes.” We should not be racist, because it is uninformed hate and unapproval.

The dangers of racism are not something to be joked about. It causes many problems in our society and in our personal lives. Martin Luther King Jr. was right, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Saying racist statements without thinking can not only hurt others, but it makes you ignorant for taking a serious subject so lightly.

Note: As with all opinion articles published on this website, LCA staff includes a disclaimer. However, we would like to state forthrightly that we are completely against racism in all its forms.

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3 Responses to “Racism in school is no joking matter”

  1. Hezron May

    01. Jun, 2012

    I agree that racism should not be taken lightly and that joking about should be discouraged. However, I don’t believe that everyone has some racial tendencies. For instance, people that come from multi-racial backgrounds never see racism as an issue because of the way they have been brought up.

  2. Michael

    04. Jun, 2012

    Thanks for the comment, Hezron. I am white and I married Chinese. I am so happy to see my kids accept friends from any race. They don’t even see skin color. It is beautiful to see them judge people by their heart, not their skin.

  3. dahee

    08. Mar, 2017

    I think that being a different color is good because at the end of the day everyone is not the same and that dont mean that u go mess there lives because everyone is different and we are all equal no matter what

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