Quack! Aquí se aprende el buen español

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AP-Spanish-class-Santa-MonicaBy Kayla Armstrong, LCA sophomore —

Writing essays in class is one thing, but writing essays in Spanish? Ha!

How about translating 36 paragraphs for one homework assignment?

Clearly, Spanish 3 – the Advanced Placement exam prep class – is not a Mickey Mouse class at Santa Monica’s premier Christian high school, the Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Despite the daunting challenge, students described it as  “challenging, but fun.”

Mike Ashcraft teaches the class how to expand and use the vocabulary they learned in Spanish 2 with auditory exercises at real life speed, which in other words is ridiculously fast.

how to prepare for AP Spanish test Los angelesEvery night Monday through Friday, students expect  45 minutes of homework – and it adds up to 50% of the grade.

If students pass the AP exam (usually with a 3 or higher), they receive college credit and fulfill their language requirements for college. w

This class isn’t any ordinary class where you’re staring at a book for an hour. This class uses YouTube videos, listens to music in Spanish , even watches movies in class.

The students help each other to make sure they understand the subject and the teacher (Mr.Ashcraft)  helps break down the subject especially for those having a hard time. As the lesson progresses, the words go up on the board. Mr. Ashcraft show derivations and how a student might make educated guesses on the AP test based on words s/he already knows. The pace is quick, so there’s no time for zoning out, much less napping.

“I like the class and how we don’t just read out of the book,” said Hailey Johnson, an LCA sophomore. “We do different activities everyday always hands on because that’s how I learn. We don’t just stick to one schedule.”

Aprende-el-español-yaThe Spanish class is not just a regular class. When you walk in you can feel the love and passion for learning the subject. You can sense the good vibes in the room. The teacher praises you when you get the answer right and the students hype you up.

Even when you get it wrong, they still make sure you have a fun way of learning what the correct answer is.

And then there’s the infamous “quack.” Mr. Ashcraft calls the “quack” his most severe punishment. If he believes you should know something but you draw a blank, he makes a quack sound at you.

Mr. Ashcraft’s Spanish class  is the best way to learn Spanish because he makes it fun and interesting.


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