East Coast Historical Tour

East Coast historical tour


The East Coast Historical Tour is a two-week trip open to 11th and 12th graders every other year in the Spring.  The tour typically covers seven states and includes visits to Washington D.C., Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Hartford, Boston, Plymouth, and New York City.

Students, teachers, and parents are able to explore first-hand the historical and spiritual roots of the United States. Students can walk the humble and peaceful fields of George Washington’s home, consider the battlefield of Gettysburg, where the fight for union and emancipation won its most decisive victory, and stand at the crossroads of Church Street and Liberty Avenue, where the World Trade Center Towers fell and the new Freedom Tower is now rising.

High school visit Statue of Liberty

The cost of the trip is not covered by tuition but fundraising is available.

Click HERE to read a testimony of a recent East Coast Tour experience.

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