Utah Ski Trip

The Utah Ski Trip is a week-long excursion in which students, teachers, and alumni drive to to the heart of the Rocky Mountains for some skiing, snowboarding and fellowship with our affiliate Lighthouse church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Typically mornings are spent on the slopes in some of the premier snow in the world either skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.  Revival services are held each evening at the church, which is led by Pastor Josh Scribner and his wife Kathy.  Highlights include snowball fights, bowling, ice skating, and fun nights dining out.

The trip is a powerful time for students to get to know each other and their teachers and to build relationships with their fellow brothers and sisters-in-Christ in Utah.

The cost of the trip is not covered by tuition but fundraising is available.

Click HERE to read a student’s testimony of their Utah Ski Trip experience.

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