Attending the Lighthouse Christian Academy was the greatest blessing in my life in many ways.  I had been in the United States only 2 years when I enrolled for High school at the Lighthouse.  I missed my home country, Guatemala, but I looked forward for the future God had for me and He never gave up on me and I held onto Him.

When the LCA planned a trip to Guatemala City for a soccer camp in my sophomore year, I was so excited for the chance to go again to the country of my childhood.  My mom and I wanted to be a blessing for those going on this trip as well and for everyone to enjoy to the fullest what Guatemala has to offer, so we let God work through us and helped with accommodations and transportation.

On the trip we had a great time playing soccer, attending revivals, and enjoying the rich culture of my homeland.  I also got to spend time with family members I hadn’t seen in years.  It was encouraging to see the church and school full of people and disciples.  I felt so grateful that God is blessing my people with revival. It was a reminder that there is something bigger going on with God, and I am only a small vessel for God’s glory.

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