England and Scotland


The English and Scotland trip is open to 11th and 12th graders every other year in the Spring.  During the two-week trip students, teachers, and parents tour England, Scotland, and Wales with the goal of discovering how the Scottish and English Reformations influenced the founding of the United States with the principles of Christianity and freedom.

Students visit the centerpieces of London including the Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace and then head north to the wild country of Scotland to discover the history of St. Andrews, Edinburgh and Stirling Castle.

Along the way the tour also includes attending services at affiliated churches throughout the British isles from London and Manchester to Glasgow and Dundee for a chance to worship and fellowship with fellow believers from across the world.  Other highlights include overnight stays at country inns, all the tea and pastries you can eat, and a chance to swim in the North Sea.

The cost of the trip is not covered by tuition but fundraising is available.

Click HERE to read a student testimony of a recent English and Scotland experience. Or here to read an article and see a video of the 2018 trip.

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