Going outside the four walls of the school can be the best learning experience and person can have.  The LCA’s outreach and travel programs provide the opportunity to take classroom knowledge and make it experiential and practical.  As love is ultimately about others, these occasions allow students to build strong relationships with their teachers and classmates.  Students are able to place their education in real life context, gaining understand of their roles in and responsibilities for the larger community and world.  Events organized by the Lighthouse Christian Academy include, but are not limited to, local outreaches, international medical outreach and evangelism, Bible conferences, men’s and women’s retreats; ski and snow trips, rafting and camping excursions, sporting events, and historical discovery tours.  These excursions are an integral part of the Academy’s curriculum.

Outreach and Travel Opportunities:

Ski Trip – Salt Lake City, Utah

River Rafting – Yosemite & Sequoia National Park

Historical Tour – Washington D.C., New York, & Boston

Historical Tour – England & Scotland

Medical Mission Team – West Africa

Soccer Camp – Guatemala City, Guatemala

Winter Bible Conference – Prescott, Arizona

Summer Bible Conference – Tucson, Arizona

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