Only tears. Alexis and Coach Delores are leaving LCA

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beautiful-santa-monicaBy Rudee Becerra, LCA sophomore —

Our beloved student Alexis Lyons and our favorite coach, Delores Hively, are saying their goodbyes to Lighthouse Christian Academy.

They have decided to live back home in Ohio.

Originally from Ohio, Alexis enrolled her sophomore when she moved to California to be with her aunt (Delores). She immediately adapted — and her aunt jumped in on the action. Delores offered to help as an assistant coach to re-start Saints girls volleyball program, which sputtered out two years earlier.

Besties-Christian-schoolPrincipal Jack Mefford immediately promoted her to head coach. Delores knocked herself out. She scheduled practices, motivated girls, set up scrimmage games last year. She brought players to college games and Universal Studios. She worked 30 hours a week just with her little entourage of adoring girls. She was creating more than just a team; she made a family.

Then LCA reinserted into league play this year. We didn’t exactly capsize the league, but we did manage to snatch a few Ws. She taught me how to smash serves, and I got a lot of points in games. If Mr. Ashcraft gave me extra credit for every point I made in volleyball… well, wow, that would be spectacular.

christian-school-volleyball-girls-santa-monicaIn any case, I can’t think about extra points right now because, quite frankly, I’m depressed at watching them go.

Alexis was like my BFF. And Coach Delores made my volleyball season very enjoyable. She even made fundraising enjoyable, if such a thing were possible.

santa-monica-ice-skatingYeah, Coach Delores was amazing. She even opened a local chapter of the National Honors Society at our Christian school in Santa Monica. She was teaching us how to get scholarships for college.

Anyway, Coach Delores was doing all these amazing things but she steadfastly refused to participate in any article profiling her activities and help to Lighthouse. She always said the focus was on the girls, not her. People at the church were wondering how all these great things were happening, but we couldn’t publish information. Well, now we’re going to set the record straight. She was HUGE blessing.

ohio-kid-in-california-santa-monica-christian-schoolAlexis is ambivalent about the move, which apparently has to do with L.A.’s prohibitively high costs.

“It’s been amazing and I made a lot of friends at LCA,” Alexis said. “It had a positive impact in my life and so has my aunt.”

Both Alexis and Delores have been not just a blessing to the Lighthouse community. They were a blessing to my life.

horsing-around-santa-monicaThey always brought positivity and happiness to the school. I know that wherever they are in life, God will bless them, and wish them the best.

“I’ve lived in California for 15 years and loved every moment of it. I’ll be back every 6-8 weeks for work and will bring Alexis as often as possible to visit everyone also so I’m not really looking at this as a goodbye but rather a ‘see ya soon,'” Coach Delores said. “The hardest part about not living her full-time is leaving LCA.

adopted-by-aunt“The students have stolen my heart, especially my volleyball girls. I’m so grateful that Alexis has made lasting friendships and grew spiritually and academically. The teachers have been amazing and I’m thankful to call several my friends now as well. LCA has been a blessing to us both and we as excited as we are for our next adventure in Ohio, we are equally excited to come back and visit our LCA family.”

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