Live to skate, study to live

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dog town skaterBy Patrick Canon, LCA sophomore —

Most students go home after school and study. Not me. I go skate.

After school, I take the bus to the skate park and skate for hours. Hours and hours.

Then, I go home and do homework and study for my Christian school of the westside of Los Angeles.

I wish I could say that I study as hard as I skate, but everyone has their strengths, passions and calling.

I started skateboarding when I was five years old. I always thought it was cool, but my parents didn’t want to buy me a board.

skateboard tricks Santa MonicaSo one day I was with my babysitter walking her dog, and I found a skateboard that someone was throwing away in the trash. She let me keep it, and my dad took me to the skate park in Burbank the very next day. I quickly became very obsessed with skateboarding.

My parents started to love it too and would take me to parks all over the place. My favorite park was Skatelab in Simi Valley, where I took lessons from Steve Badillo.

venice skatersWhen I was eight years old, I started competing in contests. I skated contests for the California Amateur Skate League, and when I was 10 I won the Southern California Street Skating Championship for ages nine and 10.

I don’t really skate contests anymore. I like to skate at the park with my friends and find cool skate spots around town. I also like to film my tricks.

Christian skaterPeople ask me if this hobby is a distraction from my studies at Lighthouse Christian Academy.

They’ve asked me to play on sports teams. I always decline. If I want to stay on the cutting edge here in Dog Town, I need to dedicate my physical energy to skating.

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