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The fastest kid looks forward to soccer

TrackAndFieldBy Garrett Lahood, LCA sophomore —

Levi Photenhauer wasn’t always fast.

“I wasn’t fast and I wasn’t slow, but doing track in the sixth grade helped me,” said the sophomore, whose orange hair burns like the flames in his feet.

He streaked to 13 touchdowns in football this season (of course, sticky hands and an uncanny knack for catching helped too).

SantaMonicaFootballHe scored four goals in soccer last year when he was a freshman.

Levi is untiring.

“Of course I get tired but you just gotta swallow it and keep pushing through,” Levi said.

IMG_7201Other kids are huffing and puffing. The casual observer can’t see fatigue on Levi. He never gives up, never gets discouraged, never quits.

“I love sport and I love to compete,” he said. “I don’t want to let the team down. I hold myself to a really high standard. Every game I expect a lot from myself.”


In his flag football days from middle school

Levi did track all through middle school In his 8th grade, he won the gold medal in 800 meters at a league meet at West Los Angeles College.

He played flag football in middle school and in park leagues. Then he started hanging out with Coach Zach Scribner, who in addition to teaching at Lighthouse Christian Academy does the janitorial work at he Lighthouse Church. Zach has attracted a number of youths to help. Between, mop broom runs around the sanctuary floor, Zach shared football plays with Levi.

Look for some speed on this season.

“I played soccer all through Middle School, but I was never really good at it until I became fast,” Levi said. “Once I became fast, I got an upper hand. From there, I’ve worked on footwork skills.”

His father, Eric, showed him a few things too. But while his father in high school was planted stationary between the goal posts, Levi turns on the speed to burn up every inch of the pitch.

LighthouseLightningSantaMonica“We got a lot of new freshmen who are really good,” Levi said. “Hopefully, we’ll win all of our games. I think we’ll make it to playoffs.”

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