LCA volleyball starter’s love of the game started on the bench

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from-bench-to-starter-volleyball-santa-monicaBy Tailoni Jenkins, LCA sophomore —

When Junior Alexis Lyons serves the ball, it’s like anti-tank rocket launch into enemy terrain.

She makes the jump serve, deep dig and ball control all look easy, but actually they are the result of four years of hard work, practice — and sitting on the bench.

Many an athlete gives up while if not given playing time. But Alexis kept working hard. She got better. Eventually, coaches couldn’t afford to keep her on the bench.

The jumping smash serve that has befuddled so many opponents

The jumping smash serve that has befuddled so many opponents

At Lighthouse Christian Academy, Alexis has never missed a practice. She plain old loves volleyball.

Now, Alexis is helping the Saints in their first year back in competitive play after three years with no team. Her aunt, Delores Hively, is the coach.

Outside of school, Alexis plays for Actyve volleyball club’s 17s Mizuno team, a prestigious team run by two former UCLA player.

With fellow club player, Ymani Imayah

With fellow club player, Ymani Iyamah

Her positive outlook on the team and love of the game gives the team hope and inspiration.

She describes the LCA  team as “supportive, determined, competitive , and persistent.”

In recent game against  the hawks she served the ball over the net, while the hawks struggled and tripped over themselves the ball launched straight into the in line and scored us a point.

Christian school volleyball santa monicaIn their breakout season, our Santa Monica Christian high school hasn’t won too many games yet. But Alexis has faith in her teammates and takes pride in watching them grow. She loves working with them on the court, bonding and creating strong friendships.

“Lex” hopes to play college volleyball. She participated in club volleyball in 2016 and also attended three summer camps this past summer at Ohio University, University of Cincinnati and Butler Springs. She is a native from Ohio.

She understands how competitive college level playing is and knows she needs to continue to work hard on and off the court to reach her dreams. She hopes to always play with girls as supportive as those at Lighthouse Christian Academy.

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