LCA mauled by Grizzlies, need to answer ‘wake up call’

Posted on 25. Aug, 2018 by in football, football news, high school football

By Michael Ashcraft —

Lighthouse Christian Academy’s ice-breaking game broke the Saints, who were mauled by the Grizzlies 0-46 on Aug. 23.

Even so, LCA coaches weren’t completely unhappy.

“We play this team every year at the beginning of the season. They’re a good, solid team. They’re a large school,” said Head Coach Zach Scribner. “We’d probably do better against them towards the end of the year just because we have more time to prepare. It’s always a good test to give the guys a wake up call so that they realize they have to push themselves in practice.”

Calvary Chapel Christian School Downey is five times larger than LCA and brought out a squad of 25 kids, while LCA had 10 players (just two subs for the 8-man football).

Not only that but two key LCA players went AWOL: quarterback Pat Cannon was in China and big man Justin Berry was at an activity with his family. Most of the quarterback duties then fell to junior Marcus Scribner, who usually plays running back. And receiving duties were given only to junior Levi Photenhauer, who made some scintillating catches and runs.

“We have to make do, and that’s what we do,” Coach Zach said.

The “wake up call” is for the Saints to not miss practices and try harder at practices, coaches said.

“We couldn’t even go a quarter without being tired,” said Coach Justin Kayne, offensive coordinator. “When we run sprints, it’s so that when we get here, all we do is think about playing football. Our guys have to push themselves. We (coaches) can’t get inside thier bodies and force them to run. When we run conditioning, they have to push themselves to the point that they feel they’re going to throw up so that when it comes game four quarters. After the first quarter, we looked done, We were so tired.”

The first season game saw some promising play from freshman, Steven Lahood, who despite being only a freshman weighs 162 and made two tackles.

“They’re a good football team,” Coach Zach said. “They show us where we got to get to. We got to improve on offense. We’ve got to improve on defense. We’ve got to improve on special teams. We need everybody at practice everyday so that we can get there. There were a lot of great things today but also a lot of blown assignments. We need to come back and have  great week of practice.”

Despite the lopsided loss, there were good points.

“All in all they played tremendous for the number of guys we have,” Coach Zach said.

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