In season’s first volleyball win, LCA show competitiveness

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SaintsVolleyballBy Alexis Lyons and Rudee Becerra, LCA students —

The Knights put on strong armor, but the Saints slayed them anyhow.


Trina’s aces.

The Lighthouse Christian Academy, in its return to competitive volleyball this year, nabbed its first victory against Calvary Chapel of Oxnard in five sets that drew out three hours. The Saints had to sweat for their win, but they didn’t let the struggle discourage them and remained strong until the last serve.

“It was a really close game and Calvary put up a great fight,” said Coach Delores Hively. “But the LCA girls stayed focus, had great follow through, communication and ball control. They were determined to bring home there first win and did it with grace, heart and persistence. The excitement was contagious.”

LighthouseVolleyballIt was 14-13 in the last set, but Senior Trina Gratton, the team captain, retained nerves of ice to ace her serve and cash in the eleventh hour Lighthouse victory. The Saints team, a hodgepodge of club and non-club players forged into a competitive team by Coach Hively, erupted in jubilation for the breakthrough win.

“We stayed positive and never got angry,” said Tailoni Jenkins, a sophomore. “We believed we could, so we did.”

After LCA won the first set, the Knights rode strong to grab the next two.

LCA was behind. Still, they stayed calm.

In the fourth set, LCA won comfortably, 25-20.

VolleybalGirlsLosAngelesThe fifth set was a tense affair with both sides battling for the lead. At 14-13, LCA needed just one more point to fulfill the required two point difference to win, and it was Trina’s serve. She didn’t let nerves break her concentration. In all, she made 26 points on serves.

Club player Ymani Iyamah, a junior, crushed serves to score 26 total points. Trina whacked down 25 serving points, and sophomore Rudee Becerra showed she’s not being left out, gaining LCA 11 points in serves.

With powerful jumping serves, club player Alexis Lyons nailed 32 points in the entire game.

“Winning our first game was amazing,” Trina said. “We were so pumped, we ran off the court screaming and yelling. We won and couldn’t wait to share the good news with the school showing that our hard work paid off.”

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