Geeking on a wave

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surfing-elective-santa-monica-high-schoolBy Kayla Armstrong, LCA sophomore —

Can you imagine getting up at 6:00 am in the cold dark morning?! Especially if you have trouble waking up and feeling like a mummy walking around and putting on swimwear to get in the cold ocean! Well, at the Lighthouse Christian Academy, Pastor Josh Scribner teaches a surfing elective us Christian high school students! It’s nice to have a school right next to the beach of Santa Monica.

His surfing class is a very fun experience for me.

You won’t like the fact of  getting up in the morning, but when you get to the beach and just looking at the gigantic waves you get very geeked and excited and it’s lots of fun.

surfing-class-lighthouse-christian-academySome heart beating moments is when you are getting ready to catch the wave and sometimes the wave is so big that when your laying down riding on the wave you can see the sand that is at the bottom of the water and it’s a heart beating moment cause you are so high up that it feels like you are going to fall right into the sand and it the floor but you don’t because as soon as you stand up your weight pushes the surfboard down a little bit to where you are  able to ride it and you feel accomplished.

Some funny moments is when  looking at one of your classmates, and they don’t see a big wave coming and they get wiped out (the wave knocks them down) and it is very funny because you can’t do anything about it but watch the wave wipe them out. Some people don’t like getting wiped out because sometimes if the wave is really big or another one comes after it you constantly are underwater but as long as you are not scared and know you are going to come back up then you are  fine! Because you are able to stand back up.

Surfing class is not for everyone, meaning if you don’t know how to swim then do not join surfing class!  other than that you met the qualifications. We have had classmates who don’t know how to surf at all! But Pastor Josh Scribner takes his time during class and work with those students to learn how to stand up and helps you catch the waves which is really cool.

If you have some type of experience with surfing, he teaches you how to make your skills better. For example with standing up, he teaches you how to ride the wave faster if you want to go faster and if you don’t want to ride the wave faster he teaches you how to go at a good pace or slower paste if you just want to kind of cruise

The first day of class and you get in the water, it’s really cold and feels like an ocean  of ice in Antarctica. The sand is colder than the ocean, so on the first day walking on the sand is like walking on ice. But you get used to it and it’s like second nature and it gets to the point where you can just walk through the sand and get in the water like you are about to get in a jacuzzi.

Although the water is not warm, you get used to it and the wetsuit helps a lot because it allows a certain amount of water to come in and keep your body warm. When you start taking Mr. Scribner’s surfing class, you start to love surfing and start doing it on your own time, like I do. I go surfing on weekends and love doing it and want to go all the time. I recommend surfing for the incoming  and returning students because it helps relieve stress and you have lots of fun doing it and grow to love it.

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  2. […] Surfing class is not for everyone Read the rest of surfing elective at a Santa Monica private school. […]

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