Football makes room for soccer at LCA

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foreign-players-west-los-angeles-soccer-college-prepBy Garrett Lahood, LCA sophomore —

Lighthouse has always been a football school. Its senior pastor played NFL, its former principal was a four-time league champion at Dartmouth University.

Now, Lighthouse Christian Academy is also a soccer school.

football-in-America-westside-Los-Angeles-private-schoolSoccer was late-add in its sports program, and the football buffs told students to play it “to stay in shape for football.” Yeah, soccer was barely tolerated like an annoying little sister.

Then Little Sister grew up.

West-side-LAl-soccer-high-schoolLast year, LCA soccer breached playoffs. (Football didn’t win a game.) This year, 20 kids tried out for the team.


That’s two-fifths of the school population.

And some of those kids can really play.

soccer-turkish-player-west-LA-high-schoolThere’s Erhan Meric, the phenom from Turkey, whose exhilarating runs and beguiling footwork have befuddled many a defense.

There’s the baby-faced Hosea Ashcraft, prince of possession.

There’s the hard-working Red Fury, the red-haired Levi Photenhauer who has earned respect with unparalleled effort.

To these old stars, there are new champs added: talent from Germany, from Japan and even Africa. There are kids who can touch the ball, control, make runs and muscle other players. To the American club soccer talent, add some stars from the foreign field, where soccer is unquestioned king.

West-side-LAl-soccer-high-schoolThings are looking pretty good for this season for our West side Los Angeles Christian school.

But Coach Jack Mefford smartly dodges bragadoccio. “We have a hard and long journey ahead of us,” Mefford said.

There’s no sign of soccer taking over at our college prep school. Football surged this season. The varsity football team, composed mostly of sophomores, ended a two-year drought with two wins this season.

But soccer can be a respectable second.



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