Coach Patience

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Coach Patience

With his pregnant wife, Hillary, and Henry Xu, a Chinese student.

He plays golf.

Other football coaches turn red screaming at their players. Veins pop out on their necks. Tongues fly wildly like helicopter blades. Playbooks get thrown to the ground and words fly onto the field like anti-tank rockets.

Not Zach Scribner. He’s Coach Patience.

In a recent game, the opposing coach approached, seething, the 25-year-old Zach  about some provocation an LCA player had supposedly done on the field. His leg trembled. His fist clenched nervously. The physical cues made me think he was going to grapple with Zach.

Zach defused the situation with nonchalance. He calmly responded that his player had said he didn’t start the tiff, but that he as coach personally couldn’t be sure. Either Zach missed the aggression cues altogether – or he didn’t care.

Christian schools sports | Los Angeles

The game they won.

This is the way he rolls. Zach Scribner exudes an unflappable, easy-going personality not typically associated with high school football coaches. He never gets frustrated. That’s why he’s good at hitting a tiny white ball across a vast expanse of green grass into a tiny hole and not bending the club around a tree trunk.

Make no mistake though. Zach is no Walter Mitty, with exploits only in his fantasy world.

The sixth son of eight children in a family of impeccable football pedigree, Zach is an intense competitor. He led the Santa Monica College football team as quarterback and was part of the UCLA football team, although he never played (golf was partly to blame because it distracted him).

His father, Rob Scribner, played for the then-LA Rams for four years before taking over the pastorate and the Lighthouse Church, which oversees the Lighthouse Christian Academy. His brothers all played football and made names for themselves. Zach participated in one of LCA’s two runner-up seasons in CIF Southern Section 8-man football in 2004.

LCA concludes its 2014 season tonight in Santa Maria against California’s 5th-ranked team Orcutt Academy. With a patchwork squad of beginners and foreign students, LCA is expecting something akin to martyrdom in the Roman Coliseum.

football coach Santa Monica

If Zach Scribner ever gets stressed, you’ll never know it.

Zach remains unfazed. It’s been a good season. Even though LCA only won one game, it never felt like we lost. With the lack of strength, speed, depth, experience, any accomplishment against bigger and stronger teams felt like triumph.

“In many ways they far exceeded my expectations: the maturity of the leaders, they never give up hope,” he said. “They played with a lot of heart. No matter what the score, they always had a good attitude.”

Lighthouse never failed to score and tended to wear down their opponents in the second half, in which they invariably did better. LCA’s victory was against La Verne Calvary Baptist 60-51.

Four of our first-timers are Chinese students, who knew zilch about football until the week they set foot on American soil. If the truth be told, the Chinese players never understood the first down rule. Welcome to America. This is a football helmet. Go out there and get the guy with the ball. It was no surprise when Chris Lin grabbed his opponent’s face mask in a tussle.

Another first-timer was a pudgy You-Tuber at center. He hiked the ball like a NASA rocket launch over the head of our quarterback several times every game.

Zach takes all these beginners’ bumblings with stride. “This season was a rebuilding year for us,” Zach said. It’s been fun. The guys have made friendships for a lifetime. They’ve also made some successful plays they’ll remember all their life too.

There were the two interceptions made by Chinese player Raymond Kong that helped LCA win against La Verne. There were the five touchdowns that Junior Rob Ashcraft made in one game. Junior Shane Berry, a basketball player, learned how to make tackles, as did Chris Lin (without grabbing the face mask). Junior Adrian Brizuela juked five opponents of Rolling Hills College Preparatory in one run to make a touchdown. Ole!

But going up against the Santa Maria team has evoked dread. For one, the game is at least three hours away by car. And second, Orcutt’s high rank in the state bodes badly for the Saints.

Coach Zach is not going to get mad. He never does.

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  1. Christopher 164

    27. Dec, 2014

    Hey, I’d like to get in touch with Jelove, a former classmate of mine. We used to go together to school at Lighthouse. It’s been a while and it would be nice to get back in contact with him again.

    Thanks and God bless.

    Christopher 164

  2. Michael

    21. Jan, 2015

    I didn’t see this comment until today, but I passed it on to Jelove. Many blessings for you guys!

  3. Will

    10. Jun, 2015

    Mr. Scribner is such a blessing to have here at the school, he is extremely reliable and an all around good guy to have here at Lighthouse

  4. Erick Pineda

    06. Nov, 2017

    Congratulations on you most recent win Coach. My name is Erick Pineda. I’ m the Head Football Coach for Blair High in Pasadena. We came close to winning a game this year too, but no cigar. Blair hasn’t won a game in two years. I was wondering if your 2018 football schedule had room for our team. If you do please call 213-270-4028 or email me. I have Weeks 5, 8 and 9 available. Thank you for your time Coach.

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