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Escape from paramilitaries – How a Guatemalan wound up at Lighthouse

Posted on 29. Mar, 2017 by .


By Michael Ashcraft Ivan Arango never liked the party because, as he repeated, they always ended with fights, hatred and vows of revenge. But his close friend, Antonio, prevailed on him to go to his high school graduation’s celebration in Guatemala – in the cantina. Sure enough, a fight broke out over some stolen beers, more »

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Quack! Aquí se aprende el buen español

Posted on 17. Feb, 2017 by .


By Kayla Armstrong, LCA sophomore Writing essays in class is one thing, but writing essays in Spanish? Ha! How about translating 36 paragraphs for one homework assignment? Clearly, Spanish 3 – the Advanced Placement exam prep class – is not a Mickey Mouse class at Santa Monica’s premier Christian high school, the Lighthouse Christian Academy. more »

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Now he’s landing goals instead of punches

Posted on 09. Feb, 2017 by .


His shots went high and wide. Junior Abraham Morales, who showed plenty of speed and skill, couldn’t put the ball into the net to save his life. Then in the second half of the season, things suddenly came into focus for old blurry-shooter. He nailed a shot against Westmark from the left flank. And on more »

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Hatcheting hubris, LCA stood up to Einstein

Posted on 04. Feb, 2017 by .


By Kayla Armstrong and Michael Ashcraft Since they steamrolled us in our first game, Einstein Academy expected to win handily on the rematch Friday. One player even heckled a Saint: “I guarantee that there is no way we will lose this game.” Well, Lighthouse Christian Academy made them sweat to earn their win. LCA rattled more »

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LCA relinquishes romantic role of underdog in 4-0 win over Pilgrim

Posted on 31. Jan, 2017 by .


Lighthouse returned to its winning ways Tuesday with a 4-0 shutout of Pilgrim School. There is something romantic, something poetic about slugging it out in a losing battle — if you don’t succumb to cynicism. Parents cheer on their players, who bravely mount a futile fight. Coaches teach the sport to beginners. You are playing more »

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