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After 27 years, she’s still keeping pace

Posted on 09. Jan, 2018 by .


By Tailoni Jenkins, LCA sophomore — Mrs. Payton has been a teacher at the Lighthouse for 27 years. In fact the first class she ever taught was my dad’s 4th grade class. I’m a second generation Payton pupil, and she still looks as young as she did in my dad’s day. Mrs. Payton has been more »

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Good thing he’s fidgety: how extra energy helped on the soccer field

Posted on 23. Jan, 2017 by .


Often, Brandon Montes overflows fidgety energy in the classroom. He’s drumming on the desk, snapping fingers, sneering at classmates across the room, clowning around. Believe it or not, through it all he’s paying attention too. On Thursday of last week’s extraordinary week of soccer, Brandon was paying attention and put his gush of energy to more »

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LCA moviemakers nab Hollywood’s attention

Posted on 13. Jul, 2015 by .


By Michael Ashcraft As many have done, Hasset Anteneh. 16, just wanted to write a letter to her younger self. But when her fellow LCA classmate, Eulie Scheel, heard it read in class, her mind visualized a big productions. Today that heart-wrenching letter about self image from a Christian high school in Santa Monica is more »

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