Aw! A sweet girl talks about her transition into Lighthouse

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Ymani, center.

By Ymani Iyamah, LCA sophomore —

As I finish off my sophomore year at Lighthouse Christian Academy, I can’t help but think about how I got to this school and my experiences here.

I moved to Santa Monica from Santa Clarita in seventh grade. I wasn’t particularly happy to go to a school as small as Lighthouse (about 50 students), but I quickly learned there was a reason I was here on L.A.’s westside.

The class I was in was taught by Ms. Rachel Peterson and what surprised me the most was that it was composed of both seventh and eighth graders. One of my friends now says he remembers that I didn’t say one word on my first day. But I warmed up to the class, and I felt that I had made some new friends. When the year was close to being over, the opportunity was presented to me and another girl in the class to skip a grade and move on to high school.

Christian-private-school-west-side-Los-AngelesI didn’t feel any special way about it, and the other girl who was skipping was a friend of mine, so we made the decision to skip and graduated with the eighth graders of our class.

People say when they first meet the principal of the high school, Mr. Jack Mefford, for the mandatory interview, that they all are nervous and it’s kind of awkward. My interview was no different. I wished it over as soon as it started and was so happy when it finished. Mr. Mefford told me I would have to take an extra math class to catch up. I and a couple other students worked hard during the summer, and at the end of it I would start high school.

I was 13 in high school all throughout my freshman year, and it was different to see that everyone talked to everyone rather than just people in their grade. And one thing that I saw was different at the high school and only particular the Lighthouse was the relationships between the teachers and the students. One teacher in particular Mrs. Lisa Clancy, who taught English my first semester, was always asking me if I was OK and it was really a really nice welcome in an otherwise new place.


I was doing well at school. I was getting good grades and that was great, but I still found myself feeling really lonely and not able to talk to as many people as I would like. I blamed this feeling on my age. Now I’m in my sophomore year and I feel like this school has definitely helped me grow and be more outgoing. I’m able to talk to a lot more people and I think Lighthouse has been the best way for me to be more friendly so many students have helped me see better in people and myself.

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