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Care for a dip in the North Sea? LCA’s 2018 trip to Scotland

Posted on 03. May, 2018 by .


By Justin Berry, LCA junior — Who’s afraid of freezing? Spencer Neos is not. Spencer rallied the other guys on our Scotland trip to take a dip in the North Sea, which registered at 46 degrees Farenheit. Afterwards, there was a wind chill. Not too many of the junior and senior boys from Lighthouse Christian Academy were more »

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Success climb interrupted

Posted on 12. Apr, 2018 by .


By Levi Photenhauer, LCA sophomore — Straight out of college, Josh Young worked for Veneklasen Associates, a transnational multimillion dollar sound engineering firm. He bought a house in Santa Monica for his beautiful bride and budding family. Then all of sudden in 2012, he jumped from the corporate ladder and ditched his enviable success. “I more »

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When my sister with autism went skating

Posted on 06. Mar, 2018 by .


By Pat Cannon, LCA sophomore — My sister always hated skateboarding because she thinks it’s a boy thing. So I was surprised when she suddenly started riding at the A.skate Foundation, which teaches autistic kids ride the deck. Alecia, 11, is mildly autistic. When I was younger and we hadn’t diagnosed my sister, I was more »

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A summer marine biologist

Posted on 16. Feb, 2018 by .


By Rudee Becerra — Summer didn’t lose her summer. No, Summer Liampetchakul, an LCA junior, didn’t miss out on lounging on the beach and waking up at noon after watching videos all night. Instead, twice a week for five hours a day she worked a job — with NO PAY. And she liked it. That’s more »

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Live to skate, study to live

Posted on 09. Jan, 2018 by .


By Patrick Canon, LCA sophomore — Most students go home after school and study. Not me. I go skate. After school, I take the bus to the skate park and skate for hours. Hours and hours. Then, I go home and do homework and study for my Christian school of the westside of Los Angeles. more »

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