Kate Sommer

Kate Sommer, LCA team captain a success at Washington State University Div. 1 volleyball

The Lighthouse Christian Academy Girls Varsity Volleyball team twice has won CIF Division V-A championship (in 2004 and 2005). Pretty much any girl in the school can join the team since traditionally we don’t have the largest enrollments.

That means the girls can learn a sport from having no knowledge or experience whatsoever. What’s amazing is how high of a level we achieve from such humble beginnings. (Having a regular inflow of club players also helps!) Read about the Div. 1 successes of LCA grad Kate Sommer here.

Santa Monica Christian volleyball

Competitive volleyball on the Westside

In addition to being competitive, Lighthouse looks at volleyball from the holistic perspective. This is to say that sports are an excellent vehicle for kids to learn qualities extremely useful to succeed in life. The players learn to work on a team, combining weakness with strength to make a collectively strong front. Many of our students have gone on to college volleyball. Read about one here.

private school volleyball WestsideIf you want to win volleyball, you must teach and strengthen. The girls learn leadership, mutual support, trust and friendship. They also learn excellence, effort and discipline.

girls competitive volleyball Westside Los AngelesThese lessons are not taught in a traditional classroom but are invaluable to be successful in life. These emotional traits of highly successful people are learned on the court.

powerful volleyball Los AngelesPractices begin in the summer at the beach and in gymnasiums around the area. It’s funny how some of the students who don’t start terribly athletic really take off. Read about one senior here.

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