Christian school soccer

Rebekah controls the ball during a Lighthouse game of Christian school soccer.

In the 2012-13 season, Lighthouse Christian Academy’s co-ed varsity soccer team took fourth place in the CIF Southern Section Harbor League. Soccer is on the rise at Lighthouse of Santa Monica! As with all of our sports, we don’t exclude anyone who desires to play. The lesser experienced gets drilled into excellence. The talented soccer player has the opportunity to shine. From LCA soccer, at least two former students have played at the college level. Our principal, Jack Mefford, is also our soccer coach.

co-ed varsity soccerVarsity soccer players have the chance to hone their skills greatly on an international soccer clinic in Guatemala, where they learn from the people who invented the game. (Please note: While the English frequently tout themselves as the inventors of the MODERN version of the game, the Mayans invented the original game. (It was originally a bit more gruesome. Losers were often sacrificed to the gods.) You can read much more about the heroics of our private school soccer in articles on our blogs.

high school soccer santa monica

Rob Ashcraft injects energy into the team of high school soccer in Santa Monica.

Exploits of our Christian school soccer stars

Read about Susie Scribner’s exploits here at Santa Monica College. In this article, our private school soccer team pulled off a big upset. More cool reporting on previous Christian school soccer matches here.

The soccer season begins immediately after the football season ends, around November. Boys and girls from all grades are accepted onto the team. It is a great opportunity to bond and make friendships that last a lifetime. As with all our sports, Christian school soccer is a fabulous opportunity to build character, learn sportsmanship, strive for excellence and acquire discipline. These are qualities that are extremely useful for any person to be a success in life.

Christian high school los angeles soccerYou can also find helpful information on the MaxPreps link below.


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