8-Man Football

8-man football in santa monica

In the 2013 season, 9 players played 8-man football in Santa Monica and made CIF Southern Section playoffs; they were coached into excellence — with so few, they went so far. Our varsity football program is run by the Zach Scribner, former member of the UCLA football team. The program was founded by Lighthouse Senior Pastor Rob Scribner, a 4-year veteran of the Los Angeles Rams and a former star for the UCLA Bruins.

In 2005 the Saints were CIF Division V-A 8-Man Football Championship Runners Up.

Room for you on our 8-man football in Santa Monica squad

What’s more, we have a spot for you on the team. Since the Lighthouse Christian Academy is not yet impacted (like many schools), there’s room for you if your dream is to play varsity football for a private school. Practices begin in the summer with weightlifting and skill fundamentals.

private school varsity football santa monica

Please contact the office the week of the each game for specific game locations and directions. You can also find helpful information on the MaxPreps link below.

The 8-man football in Santa Monica team is the place where lasting friendships are built. It is where without bigotry, kids from all races come together, joined by the love of Christ and the commitment to competitiveness, struggle to win, to out-run, to out-muscle, to out-think opponents until the victory is obtained. A number of our kids have played at the college level.

varsity football santa monica


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