At first I was scared to ask a question

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GirlsVolleyballLosAngelesA new student talks openly about making the transition to Lighthouse Christian Academy

By Rudee Becerra, LCA sophomore

At my old school, I was too nervous or insecure to raise my hand to ask for help. It seemed like I was the only one who didn’t understand what was being taught. The teachers were just academic. They didn’t exude confidence for you to approach them.

When I came to Lighthouse Christian Academy on the West side of Los Angeles, it was really nerve racking because I was a freshman and only knew two people in the whole school. It was intimidated. It seemed like everybody knew each other, but I only had my cousin, Jamie Roman and my friend Magalea Chiesa.

LighthouseChristianAcademyUpon entering my new private school, I had a ton of new student fears. All I wanted to do was make new friends and have a good freshman year.

And that’s exactly what happened.

christian school los angelesWhen I first got to LCA, Teacher Mrs. Clancy came right up to me and hugged me. She began introducing me around to the other students.

This school is a family. It’s only 50 students, and everyone knows everybody. The teachers are always there for you whenever you have problems, even it they are from your personal life.

ChristianHighSchoolAt first, I stayed with my nervousness about raising my hand to ask a question. But Mr. Zach Scribner would call on me and make sure I understand. When I asked a question, no one laughed. No one embarrassed me. I started to grow in confidence to get the education I needed.

Prior to Lighthouse, I never really paid attention to religion. This school helped me grow closer to God and helped me overcome a lot of things in my life. I have learned that with God, the bad things turn out well in the end.

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