Agony: LCA watches late football lead disappear

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Lighthouse-Christian-Academy-8-man-footballAhead 15-6 going into the fourth quarter, the Lighthouse Saints looked like they would win their first game in over a year. They drove down the field. They stopped the Corona Crossroads Christian team. Their opponents looked hapless, while the Saints looked as if all their hard work was finally paying off.

The the Lighthouse Christian Academy watched agonizingly as the Cougars, with only 7 minutes to play, scored three touchdowns and three conversions to send the Santa Monica Christian school back home with nothing to celebrate.


LCA’s football team 2017

“It hurts me a lot,” Head Coach Zach Scribner said. “We lost this game. They didn’t win it. We lost it. I want all my players to remember this feeling so they can use that on Monday to get better. We can change. We can score when we execute, but we’ve got to stop killing ourselves. We have to make a decision that we don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

Lighthouse has three losses. If our 8-man football team wins the remaining four games of the season, we could still go to playoffs.

Lighthouse-Christian-Academy-vs-Calvary-Chapel-2017With the regular quarterback out because of a concussion, the Saints relied on the dynamic duo of Garrett Lahood and Levi Photenhauer alternating QB and receiver.

Coming back from three days of sickness, Photenhauer, a sophomore, put on some electrifying displays. When he ran the ball, he spun out of tackles and stiff-armed opponents to gain yards.

It was Photenhauer who scored the second touchdown when a Lahood pass found him at the very corner of the TD line. The lanky red head leapt up and clutched the ball away from the cornerback and fell backwards into the end zone. It was spectacular stuff.

“I was sick, so I missed a lot of practice,” he said. “But due to Garrett’s good throws and good placements, I was able to jump up and grab it. I want to thank God because I was really sick all week. I just put in a lot of prayer and a lot of Advil, and I woke up today after having 104 fever last night perfectly fine for the game. Miracle.”


Erhan the kicker/tackler

A surprising star was Erhan Mehric, who’s a soccer player, not a football player. Usually teams, when they adopt in a soccer player, make him the kicker and don’t expect too much else from him. But Erhan didn’t idly watch as the Cougars ran the ball on kickoff return. Twice — not once — it was the slender senior who brought the ball runner to the ground with thunderous tackles.

“My friends convinced me to play,” Mehric said. “I just went for it. It was a great tackle from what I heard. I smashed that guy up. It was fun.”

At the end of the day, however, LCA couldn’t celebrate the great plays.

At 7:00 minutes from the final whistle, LCA turned over possession on downs deep in Cougar territory. A fake left an LCA cornerback planted on the ground and the Calvary receiver clear to blast all the way down the field. With a conversion, the Cougars brought the score to 15-14.

“We got rattled with that first touchdown,” Lahood said. “We were still leading, but we got shaken up, and that caused a lack of concentration.”

On the Cougar kickoff, Saints bumbled and allowed Corona to recover well into Lighthouse territory, leading to another touchdown and conversion to make it 15-20.

The Saints again drove the ball upfield but lost possession at the 40. The Cougars scored again with a conversion, bringing the scoreboard to 15-30.

With less than 4:00 minutes to play, the Saints completed another sensational pass to Levi and mounted a scintillating run by Marcus Scribner. Lahood next ran the ball to within 10 yards suffered a hard hit as he dove. The blow brought a fumble. The game was over.

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