After the car crash, I couldn’t have babies

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identical-twinsBy Luisa Montes de Arango

Everybody thought I was dead.

When a truck plowed into my car that fateful night, it pushed my crushed car all the way into the gas station. It finally came to rest just shy of hitting the gas pump.

By the grace of God, I survived. But, according to the doctor, I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. The steering shaft had been driven into my abdomen and pierced my ovaries. The doctor explained that I should be grateful just to be alive.

a-match-made-in-heavenFor some reason, I had it stuck in my mind to have three children through two pregnancies. Of course that I meant twins.

As the doctor was explaining the cold hard facts with kind words, I didn’t pay too much attention. My faith was placed in Jesus, not on medical science.

miracle-babies“Don’t worry about that, doctor,” I told him. “I will have two pregnancies and three babies because I asked Jesus for them, and I know that he will give me my children.”

I was released from the hospital a week after the accident. At the time, I lived in Florida. An immigrant from Guatemala, I came to America already a Christian. I got involved in a church where they taught you to pray with faith. And I never stopped praying.

At age 30, I married a godly man named Mauro Ivan Arango in December 1993. In September the next year, Jafet, my firstborn, made his entrance into the world. He was truly a miracle baby. My doctor couldn’t believe it.

barren-to-blessedIn December 1995, we moved to California. Jafet was a toddler and the next expected babies didn’t materialize, so we planned to adopt. But then Jafet saw and heard in his dreams an angel, who announced my pregnancy. When he told me, I laughed. But I believed.

In January 2001, I found out I was expecting twins. The doctors said my reproductive system was damaged and they counseled me to abort because of risk.

“I will take the risk because I believe in miracles,” I said.

On July 7 of that year, Ivanna and Ivanea came into the world at the Good Samaritan Hospital.

Born-in-GuatemalaToday they are students at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica.

I thank God for His miracles.

Maria Luisa is the mother of two awesome Lighthouse students.

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