After 27 years, she’s still keeping pace

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Her son, Jordan Payton, was a receiver for UCLA.

Her son, Jordan Payton, was a receiver for UCLA.

By Tailoni Jenkins, LCA sophomore —

Mrs. Payton has been a teacher at the Lighthouse for 27 years. In fact the first class she ever taught was my dad’s 4th grade class.

I’m a second generation Payton pupil, and she still looks as young as she did in my dad’s day.

Mrs. Payton has been the teacher for the “Pace” Program at our Santa Monica Christian high school for 4 years. Through booklets, this Independent Studies Program allows students to finish their school work “at their own pace.”

They progressively work their way through the course material on an individual basis. They are not expected to keep up with the teacher (or be held back by the teacher). It’s not only good for at risk students; it helps geniuses to get through faster than a plodding class.

Independent Study Program Los Angeles Christian school

That’s me, Tailoni, with my beloved teacher. She taught my dad too!

The booklets give explanatory material and then asks questions to check for reading comprehension. At the end, the student takes a test. It’s been good for a lot of kids who don’t flourish in a traditional setting.

Christian school santa monicaSophomore Patrick Cannon likes the program: “The Pace Program is better for some students because it is on their own time and will never feel like their being rushed.”

Mrs.Payton maintains a peaceful environment  for students to work in. Pace student Alex Cervantes said: “When you do your work there are no distractions.“

independent studies programSome may think that sitting down and completing booklets by yourself would be boring, but not when Mrs.Payton is the teacher. She takes her students on regular trips to Starbucks as a reward when her students are working hard.

“Mrs.Payton lets us have fun while she makes sure that we get our work done,” freshman Josie Bowen said.

Mrs.Payton not only teaches Pace but she also mentors many of us students.

kathy payton“Mrs.Payton speaks words of wisdom and the truth,” Josie said.

Mrs.Payton always has time for every student. Junior Jordan Shepherd said Mrs.Payton “cares about everyone individually and  equally.”

Mrs.Payton said that Lighthouse “provides a family environment,” and all students agree that Mrs.Payton plays a big role in helping achieve that.

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  2. Mona

    10. Jan, 2018

    Kathy…it warms my heart to hear about people that you grew up with all these years later are doing amazing things in their adult lives. You were special in our childhood with your soft, calm and reassuring voice and I see now that those attributes have stayed with you throughout your life. Thank you for helping these kids. Mona Madonna

  3. Cari Lynn Jenkins

    10. Jan, 2018

    Dear LCA,

    I so very much concur with this tribute to one of the most endearing and enduring teachers of the Lighthouse Christian Academy since the doors opened. What a joy it is for me as Tailoni’s Grandmother to know that she is in such capable hands just as her Dad, Anthony and Uncle Dominic were in bygone years. Kathy’s love of God, for teaching and mostly for her students every semester, year in and year out, is a perfect trifecta with a commitment to the Christian high academic achievement and performance standards. Students’ parents can rest assure in knowing their children have found a refreshing oasis of knowledge, love and truth in scholastics with faithful and loving teachers such as Kathy Payton.

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