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At the Lighthouse Christian Academy, we desire to train students to be people who love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength who work hard with skills to be a blessing to those who are around them. A significant portion of this training has to do with helping students to think critically and carefully.

Science education is essential because it teaches students how to think and reason. It also helps students to understand the responsibility of proper stewardship. Through science, great advances in technology can be made for the betterment of mankind.  Students realize this potential and work to utilize science to help those around them and society at large.

Science education is also beneficial because of the hands-on possibilities offered through laboratory exercises. We find that regular laboratory exercises augment the learning process and help to stimulate interest in the subject material.

Physical Science

Physical science is an introductory course designed for Freshmen.  It incorporates the basic elements of physics and chemistry such as understanding matter, measurements, mechanics, energy, simple machines, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, periodic motion/waves, sound, light/optics, the atom, elements and the Periodic Table.  Corresponding weekly lab work is included.


Biology is an introductory survey course designed for Sophomores.  Based on a non-evolutionary, Creationist paradigm, the survey includes topics such as cytology and cellular processes, genetics, biological classification, microbiology, fungi, botany, and zoology.  There is also extensive study on human anatomy and physiology including study of the digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, and the reproductive system.  Corresponding weekly lab work is included.


Chemistry focuses on the study of matter and requires a working knowledge of physical science and algebra I.  Typically, Juniors take this course.  The material covered in this course includes the basics of matter, mathematical methods, atomic structure, elements, chemical bonds, inorganic and organic nomenclature, chemical reactions, gases, water and solutions, thermodynamics and kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids/bases/salts, oxidation-reduction, organic chemistry, biochemistry.  Corresponding weekly lab work is included.


Physics is a math-intensive course that forms the foundation for all science.  Pre-requisites for this course include algebra I and II, geometry, and physical science.  Typically Seniors take this course.  The material covered in this course includes measurements, one-dimensional kinematics, vectors and scalars, two-dimensional kinematics, dynamics, circular motion, applications of Newton’s Laws, work and energy, periodic motion, properties of matter, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, light/optics, and modern physics (briefly touching on relativity and quantum mechanics).  Corresponding weekly lab work is included.


In addition to Physical Science, all 9th grade students take a Health course in which they cover units in human development, body systems, nutrition, diseases, first aid, and drug abuse.

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