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Outreach-DC-003History is the study of what individuals consider to be important.   People and events that are important is subjective and we stress this in our teaching of these disciplines. The question we want the student to answer is WHY is this important? In this way our curriculum is different from the study, memorize and regurgitate method.

Our students learn to think and write papers. Furthermore, we use primary documents to teach these subjects. Documents that have changed our lives are studied by the students and then the ideas presented must be understood so that they can explain why it is important. This method of study has prepared our students for testing and the challenges they face in future educational institutions.
We love to read. We encourage the students to learn speed-reading methods. Because our class sizes are small we are able to help individual students more effectively and provide tutors for those that need additional help.

Studying history from a Christian perspective allows us to use the most read book throughout all of history, the Bible. Instead of leaving out most of the most important facts, as the public system does, we still teach that Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary that,” I was moved by the Holy Spirit of God to sail.” George Washington said, “It is impossible to govern with God and the Bible.” Washington’s legacy is found in his will where he stated that he wanted on his grave stone this scripture, “Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me will never die.”    When we visit as a class Mt. Vernon, Washington’s home, the students are able to see this for themselves. We stress the hand of God in history. From Squanto, the instrument of God to save the Pilgrims to Martin Luther King, Jr. who was moved by God to seek modern day equality for all people, we study with history with God’s hand on people in mind.

We take the juniors and seniors on a trip every year alternating between Scotland and Washington DC. Both are historically rich in American and World History. It is here that history comes alive.   Many of our students have gone on and become history majors at various universities and received teaching credentials. What a joy it has been to see our students now teaching history.

I like to think of history as the most important subject of all, because it truly is, His story. Many students have testified that they didn’t like history but after studying here at the Lighthouse Christian Academy and visiting historical sites, for some it has become their favorite subject.

The typical three-year history plan includes World History in 10th grade, U.S. History in 11th grade, and U.S. Government/Economics in 12th grade.

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