Bible classes are the foundation of a LCA education.  We teach Bible class from a discipleship perspective. Jesus said, “Follow me.” Jesus commissioned us to, “Go into all the world and make disciples.” And Paul said, “Imitate me.”

The primary focus in teaching Bible to our students is encouraging students to follow the examples of the people in their lives that are following the life of Christ. This begins with their parents, teachers, fellow students, friends and others in their church.

This approach has produced Bible classes that are practical, discipleship-based and integrated into the everyday workings of Christian life.  Students can learn about the Bible, worship, preaching, missions, and church operations while actually participating in the activities side-by-side with experienced teachers.  Our goal is to build not only Biblical knowledge but also the experience of a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bible classes are offered at flexible hours outside of the Core School Day.  LCA students must take a minimum of 5 units in Bible per semester but are free to choose from a number of different classes depending upon their interests and schedule.  Below is a list of some of the Bible classes that LCA offers.  To see an up-to-date catalogue of our Bible classes with course descriptions and schedules please contact the office at 310.829.2522 or

Biblical Christianity

PIT Crew (Pastors in Training)

Women of God

Redeemers – Hurts, Habits, & Hang-ups




Israel – History, Culture, & Connections

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