PASTOR ROB: Senior Pastor

That the Senior Pastor of the Lighthouse Church dedicates a large part of his time at the high school speaks volumes about the church’s commitment and his commitment to teens. Rob Scribner – known affectionately by all simply as “Pastor Rob” or “PR”– has taught in Lighthouse schools since its inception in 1983. A graduate of UCLA, Scribner played football for the Bruins and then later for the L.A. Rams.

In private business, he began selling life insurance, pension & estate planning. He owned and managed a truss-construction firm Brown & Honeycutt in Hesperia, California. His eight children have all coursed Lighthouse schools, and only his youngest remains, Victoria in her junior year. His oldest, Josh, pastors near Salt Lake City, while his second oldest, Bethany, is married to Pastor George Neos, leader of the Hesperia branch church. Jessica, his third child is an emergency room nurse in Santa Monica married to Josh Young a pastor on staff at the Lighthouse. Rebekah and Adam McNamara are active at the Lighthouse in the school and worship ministries. Nate Scribner is also involved at the church in worship and has taught at the high school. Zach Scribner the sixth is on staff at the LCA and married to Hilary Hagoski. Susannah just graduated from the Lighthouse and is active in ministry at the church.

Scribner, 61, was raised a Baptist but after backsliding in ’74 experienced a miracle healing and began attending the Santa Monica Foursquare church, now called the Lighthouse. He took over as senior pastor in October 1987, a role he has performed since.


JOSH YOUNG: Principal / Teacher

Pastor Josh Young was making money, working with a sound system engineering firm for 13 years, but was dissatisfied that he wasn’t making more of an impact in people’s lives. So he joined Lighthouse staff in the beginning of 2012 and immediately sped its administrative backlog.

Graduating from UCLA with a major in history (political science minor) in 2004, he married Pastor Rob Scribner’s daughter, Jessica, and has been youth pastor and worship leader.

Josh currently serves as LCA’s principal and assists in teaching Bible and history. He obtained a Masters in Divinity degree from the King’s University.


PAT NEOS: Administrator

Hailing from the East Coast, Pat Neos is a senior citizen and a senior staff member extraordinaire, taming the wild load of secretarial work. At times she is the loving grandmotherly type and at times she’s the scolding mother who hasn’t lost her fire.

Neos is the mother to Pastor George Neos, who led the high school from 1998 to 2008 before taking over a Lighthouse branch church in Hesperia, California. That’s how she started working for LCA, and she’s been here ever since.

Neos, 64, found salvation after she lost her marriage of 30 years. She has worked for Bagadsarian Insurance in Los Angeles and Shaughnessy Financial in Bedford, New Hampshire.  Her oldest son Chris Neos also worked as a Lighthouse teacher and is now a pastor in Port Hueneme, Ca.



A former journalist who’s worked for the New York Times, Mike Ashcraftbrings a mastery of writing to theLighthouse Christian Academy. In 2011-12, he launched the Journalism Club that involved high school students in the LCA news blog.

A missionary in Guatemala for almost 16 years, Ashcraft teaches Spanish classes at LCA. While in Guatemala, he founded and ran a K-12 school, in addition to planting four churches.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree with an English major, graduating Magna Cum Laude from UCLA in 1990. He very nearly completed a Bachelor’s degree in Bible at the Central American Seminary of Theology in Guatemala City. He learned to play soccer in Guatemala. He also founded a marching band in Guatemala. Ashcraft was saved at age 12 and joined the Lighthouse Church in 1988.




Soft spoken and with piercing eyes, Kathy Payton is the loving teacher who’s everybody’s favorite. Her patience, comprehension and firm yet gentle hand win over the youth.

A Lighthouse staff teacher since 1990, Payton heads up the Individual Study Program, which offers students a self-paced, modified curriculum tailored to their learning needs.

Athletics run in her blood. Her son, Jordan Payton, currently stars for the UCLA football team. Another son, Mike Payton, who starred on the LCA football team played for Oregon State University. Some of her family played college and professional sports, and she herself ran track in high school.

Payton got saved as a Chicagoan recently transplanted here in Los Angeles. Recently married to the man she fell in love with for his quietness, Payton was feeling lonely and responded to the call from a television evangelist.

The couple later got involved in the Lighthouse Church because their kids went to the school. They fell in love with Pastor Harrison and his wife, Pam, who reached out to them over and over again.

Now she reaches out to high school students. How did she get so loving? “It takes years of being with God,” she said. “When you consistently try to get rid of your pride, He’s putting His heart in you.”



His solid frame squares with a solid character. Quiet, sure of himself, humble, 23-year-old Zach Scribner is already married, holds a UCLA Bachelor’s degree and is rip-roaring ready to teach at the LCA. In the past he taught freshman math and coached LCA football. He heads up the cleaning crew at the church. Scribner is the kind of teacher who imparts confidence to whomever he’s with. He always looks for the good in people.

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