Our Mission

Our Mission: The Pursuit of Excellence in Education

The Lighthouse Christian Academy’s mission is to train up young men and women in the most excellent way – Love. The pursuit of excellence in education is established when we follow the love taught by the Word of God and exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. Understanding Biblical love and its many attributes equips students to live life and enjoy relationships the way God intended. Our approach to developing this understanding rests upon the characteristics of love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. From that passage we are in the pursuit of excellence in education:

  • Love shows goodwill – First and foremost, we want school to be enjoyable. LCA has designed its schedule, classes and activities with unprecedented flexibility and customization meant to meet the diverse talents, interests, and needs of its student body. While maintaining rich and challenging academic programs, we also want our curriculum and programs to integrate practically into real life. By showing goodwill, we engage in the pursuit of excellence in education.
  • Love rejoices in the truth – At LCA knowledge itself is not our end, but the appropriation of knowledge through faith to the attainment of true wisdom. Seeking truth is at the heart of education. As Christians we recognize that truth is not ultimately found in the memorization of facts or earning grades for the sake of credits and personal advancement. Truth is found by faith in recognizing man’s relationship to God as his creator.
  • Love keeps no record of wrongs – In the classroom we aim to teach our students to reach individual goals of understanding. LCA teachers implement a full array of assessments to encourage students to love the act of learning and explore subjects in which they are personally interested. We recognize that every student’s background, strengths, weaknesses, and goals are different, and we want to help them become capable to pursue the unique call that God has for their lives.
  • Love is not self-seeking – We want our students to remember that education is ultimately not about personal achievement but about learning how to serve others. Love is not proud, rude, or boastful, and although it is important for students to be independent, confident learners, satisfaction comes only when those abilities are used to serve those around them.

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