LCA Mascot

Spirit week is a time at Lighthouse Christian Academy where students are
encouraged to dress wacky and participate in zany and hilarious activities. Many students take advantage of spirit week to show off who can get the craziest.

One year seniors Luke Peterson and Adam Ayala were devising a plan to top all Lighthouse spirit weeks in the past years. Their idea was to get a full body costume, rather than just dressing in tacky clothes. One costume really stuck out to Luke, and that costume was the St. Bernard. He thought it would be a great idea, not only for spirit week, but also as a mascot that would put a face to the Lighthouse “Saints”. After spirit week was over, Adam donated the costume and gave the LCA Saints its first mascot, St. Bernard.

In spite of its ad hoc origin, there is a clear connection between the “Saints” and our mascot. St. Bernards became famous for saving lives in the early 18th century. Monks living in the dangerous, snowy St. Bernard Pass- a route through the Alps between Italy and Switzerland- kept the canines to help them on their rescue missions after bad snowstorms. These dogs would find travelers buried in deep snow and dig them out, afterward lying on top of them to provide warmth. St. Bernards soon came to be seen as animals of mercy and salvation.

The actual word “Saint” though means “holy” or “set apart:. It is used many times in the Bible, referring to the followers of Jesus Christ – who is the ultimate symbol of mercy and salvation. Jesus performed miracles; many times having brought people back from the dead and curing deadly illnesses.

After the initial founding of the Lighthouse Christian Academy, teachers and students chose to call themselves the Saints because their mission statement calls on to be set apart from the world as followers of Christ or “Saints”. After the football and volleyball teams were created, it was only natural to put a name to the face of Lighthouse sports teams. The church held a contest in order to choose the best name, and the name “Saints” won.

Jesus states in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”
Saint Bernard is simply a fun reminder that this call is mission of love to rescue the sick and dying in our world and bring them to the One who can save them.

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