LCA Crest

The school’s motto, “Ardens sed Virens”, is Latin for “burning but still alive.” It is a reference to the Burning Bush which was burned but not consumed. The school was given this motto to exhort the students to live by the fire of the Holy Spirit. It is a picture of an inspired life sustained by supernatural power in its devotion to Christ, passion for life, and dominion of God.

The Lighthouse on top of the crest is the symbol of the Lighthouse church which oversee all of the school ministries.
The Cross represents devotion to Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death and resurrection by which all mankind was made free.
The Bible represents devotion to God’s Word as the foundation of wisdom and knowledge of God’s plan for our lives.
The Flag represents devotion to the United States as a nation founded upon the principles of God’s Word and his sovereignty over all nations and the affairs of man.
The Cup represents a devotion to excellence and the desire to be outstanding for the Glory or God in all arenas of life.

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