Outreach-DC-006The Lighthouse taught me that our success, our good health, our loving family, and our loving friends may bring us the happiness we all seek to find. But the Bible teaches us that worldly things cannot bring us enduring joy and happiness. Eventually these worldly things will pass away and our positions, possessions, and reputation will no longer validate our existence. I have learned during my six years at the Lighthouse that a happy life is a selfless life lived in the trust and to the glory of God.

I graduate proudly because if I had attended some other school, I would not be the person I am today. I no longer envy my other friends who graduated from other schools and lived the typical high school experience because I graduate with a diploma and a relationship with God. I graduate know that what I do here on earth determines where I go after it, and my ultimate purpose is to be with the one who gave up his life so that I could live mine freely. I graduate with an understanding that God loves me so much that He singled me out from the world and brought me here to the Lighthouse.

– Megan Mara 

This was my first year at the Lighthouse. I would like to thank the Lighthouse for helping me to understand what being appreciative really means. Before I went to the Lighthouse I thought I knew what appreciation meant and that I was appreciative. Listening in class to the teachings of the Bible helped me to learn the real meaning and not my own understanding.

When I started playing football for the Lighthouse it had a different feeling, it felt more welcoming. During the season it felt like a brotherhood.

I thank my parents for sending me to this school because I don’t know where I would be if I had attended a public school.

– Alex Alferez

I have learned so much since I began attending the Lighthouse Christian Academy. Over the past two years, what I have learned most is my need to know God and have a relationship with Him. In the past I never realized how important it is to have God in ones life. I never thought I needed Him. There was even a point where I didn’t think God existed.

Having gone to public schools I was ignorant about Christianity, even though I had gone to church my whole life. I took everything for granted. I never really listened to sermons or peoples’ testimonies. I didn’t think I needed God because everything seemed okay. I think that it was a big deal for kids my age to drink, and smoke and party. I thought it was normal and the right thing to do. Everything was about what I wanted. I rebelled against my parents by doing things I should have never done. I was selfish and didn’t ever think about consequences. I only thought about having fun, no matter I made my family go through.

This year I realized that you can’t find teachers like those at the Lighthouse anywhere else. These are teachers who God put in their hearts to teach at a school where we could get a good education, become better people inside and out, and most importantly, have a relationship with God. The teachers here impressed me and I saw that the way they were living their lives was Godly and wholesome… I could feel the love of God in everything they did.

I know that God wants me to be an example to others, whether older or younger.

– Clarissa Rojas 

I am graduating today because I had teachers who have challenged, encouraged, mentored, and prayed with me and for me. They are amazing men and women of God who have been excellent role models for me. I stand here today as a young Christian woman because of their influence on my life.

I have learned that while it is important to have a good education, it is more important to follow after God. This year Pastor Rob taught from I Samuel and I have seen that it is important to have the hand of God your life so that you can enjoy his abundant blessings. I have been abundantly blessed in numerous areas of my life as a result of attending the Lighthouse Christian Academy.

It was a great blessing to take numerous trips this year. In February we went to Utah to visit one of our baby churches. We heard wonderful sermons and had a great time snow boarding. For our senior trip we traveled to ten states on the east coast. It was a breathtaking trip that lasted two weeks. My most memorable trip, however, was to Africa. I was blessed to be part of Lighthouse Medical Missions headed by Dr. Bob Hamilton. We saw and treated over two hundred patients a day and were able to share the Gospel with them.

Because we are a small school I have had many of the same friends since first grade. This may seem unusual to those who have attended larger schools, but it has truly been a blessing to me. We have made memories that will last a life time; we have shared in each others joys and triumphs; we have cried together; and we have seen victories in the worst situations. We know what it is to be a true friend. In many ways we are more like siblings than classmates.

I have learned that being at a small school does not mean that you can’t achieve big things, especially when it comes to sports. I began playing volleyball my junior year, and I learned how to push myself and play as a team. I played soccer, and this was one of the greatest seasons I ever had.

I have learned that with God all things are possible and I will not forget all that He has done in my life. I know that God has an amazing plan for my life, and I look forward to using the lessons that I learned at Lighthouse to glorify God in all that I do.

– Dominik Benn

I am who I am because I came to the Lighthouse.

The teachers really cared about us not only in our academics but also in our personal lives. They cared about us when we were down, and they nurtured us to be men and women of God. I loved coming to the Lighthouse!

I had the greatest times of my life at Lighthouse. I got to go snowboarding in Utah, camping in Yosemite, and rafting and canoeing. As a junior I traveled to Scotland and England for two weeks, and the next year I traveled to the east coast and visited ten states. I was even able to travel to Sierra Leone west Africa as part of a medical mission team. These were all amazing trip, but even more amazing were the classmates and teachers I went with… These opportunities to travel have opened my eyes to how big God really is.

I feel privileged to have attended the Lighthouse Christian Academy. I take with me the power to impact others. I didn’t always appreciate the difference Christians can make. Ever since I started at the Lighthouse I have seen people come to the school and be changed. They see how we act, how we live, and they want what we have, which is Jesus Christ in our hearts.

Whatever I do, and wherever I go, I will always be a Saint.

– Luke Peterson

The advantage of coming here that because of the small class sizes, you hang out with people different from you. At a large school you can find people just like yourself, but at the Lighthouse you become a well-rounded person because to develop different qualities that come from being around different people.

Whether sports, plays, or trip everything we do at Lighthouse is challengingly fun. This year was the first year we had a swim team. We didn’t expect to go out and win it all, but we tried our best, had fun, and did well, even though most of us didn’t have previous experience.

I am, and always will be aware of what was given to me, and that is the gift of perseverance.

You truly cannot put a price value on character.

– Kathryn Flanagan

If it weren’t for my friends and teachers at Lighthouse, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. Lighthouse gave me stability in my life when I didn’t have it at home… Lighthouse was always there to help me when I needed it. It provided me with a sense of family. When I was having difficulties at home, a teacher opened her family’s home to me. The people here have taught me how to love, how to forgive, and how to share the good news of Christ.

Lighthouse has prepared me to go into the world with a good head on my shoulders and Christ in my heart. They have prepared me for many of the trials and tribulations I am sure to encounter in rest of my life. Because of the love of my friends and teachers at Lighthouse I am able to be courageous and bold for the Gospel.

The teachers at Lighthouse show you how to become a respectful and honest member of society. What I’ve learned here is more valuable than anything you could learn at any other school. It is here that you fully learn and understand your purpose in this life, which is to give glory to God in all that you do. Thank you to all who have helped me. You have shown me the love of Christ and I can only hope to that I can do the same throughout the rest of my life.

– Stephanie Frings

This was only my first year at the Lighthouse, but there is so much I have gotten from this school. If only I could explain in words how much this school means to me… I have found that this school was the place for me and that God really did have plans for me… I’m finally graduating. What can I say? I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know if I would graduate. I probably would have been the first in my family not to walk the stage. That would have really hurt my family. But thank God that I am standing before you today as a graduate of the Lighthouse.

It was at this very church, sitting in those seats over there, at my very first revival that I saw a skit put together by Mr. Mefford and the students here at the Lighthouse. It made me realize that everything I had been doing in my life that I thought was right was the wrong thing. I went home that night and I cried and cried and cried. For the first time I bowed down and I prayed to God and asked him to open my heart and open my eyes. I asked my parents to forgive me. Ever since that day things have never been the same. I’m finally graduating and I have the best relationship I could have ever asked for with my parents and my family.

– Danielle Armendariz

I came to the Lighthouse my ninth grade year and attended all four years of high schools… Now looking back I can see that my life has been changed forever.  I have been blessed to have been in a school that taught me academically as well as spirituality.  I have enjoyed my four years of learning in a school that has become like a family.  The teachers here are special because they really care.  I will miss each one of them very much.

Here at the school I enjoyed learning academics from a Christian perspective, especially history.  Traveling to Europe, Washington D.C. and Utah made learning even more enjoyable because I love to travel and see things for myself.

Life is a faith walk and Lighthouse has taught me to keep walking no matter what.

The Lighthouse has truly been a Lighthouse for me.  I thank God that I had the chance to attend such a special place.

– Brittany McNamara

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