A water roller coaster: a Christian school camping trip

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no-bullies-christian-high-schoolBy Ymani Iyama, LCA sophomore –

Most people think of camping as something they would never want to experience: Sleeping on the dank ground, eating only unsavory camp food, days without showering and nothing to do. But going on a trip at Lighthouse Christian Academy will change that.

I came to the Lighthouse when I was in seventh grade. They also offer the rafting trip to the students who attend our gradeschool counterpart the Lighthouse Church School, but it wasn’t until my freshman year that I decided to go on the rafting trip. What shocked me was the lack of people that wanted to go. With the urging of Mrs. Lisa Clancy, I decided to go and had a great time.

rafting-tripNow during my sophomore year, the trip rolled around and no one seemed like they wanted to go. Granted some people had other engagements but the group of people that went was small.

Even though the group was small, it was a fun time. The drive to the campsite seemed short because you bonded with the people in the car — or slept. When we arrived at the campsite, all of us from the Santa Monica Christian school were all taken aback by the breathtaking nature around us.

camping-trip-santa-monica-private-schoolThe campsite that the school goes to every year was better than any campsite I had been to before. There was indoor plumbing, a pool, and a small shop if you wanted to buy snacks. This made the camping part of the trip so much easier.

The rafting part of the trip was both frightening and entertaining. We rafted one of the more harder rivers, and though some people had a better time than others, the scared feeling before you rafted is worth it. There is an adrenaline rush you feel when you’re riding a literal water roller coaster.

river-rafting-camping-trip-high-schoolAfter all of the excitement of rafting, we sat down and had good food, courtesy of Mr. Jack Mefford and his wife, Nicolene Mefford. We sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows, sang songs to the guitar, and praised God for the opportunity to be where we were.

The second best thing we did was explore one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Yosemite National Park. We drove down and walked through some of the best sights of nature. Everyone was having a great time. We hiked up the mountains at gaped at an enormous waterfall. You could barely hear yourself think because of the sounds of the water traveling under you and the winds so strong and you are freezing because you’re getting wet from the amount of water in air. All of this to say that the view is invaluable.

The rafting trip has changed my view of camping. When you’re with a group of people trying something that may be a little scary, you bond with the people around you. I believe that most of the people that decided to go this year do not regret it. I hope that next year more people will decide to go on this amazing trip with the school.

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