A 2-year odyssey back to varsity volleyball has a happy ending

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Lighthouse Christian Academy begins to recover its heritage in volleyball

varsity volleyball Christian high school los angeles areaBy Michael Ashcraft, LCA journalism teacher —

Some of the girls had never touched a volleyball before.

And here they were dominating their season-ending game against North Hollywood’s Summit View School, whom they snuffed in three straight sets.

It was a fitting culmination of a two-year odyssey back to competitive play after Lighthouse Christian Academy‘s storied girls volleyball team evaporated three years ago due to lack of players and lack of interest.

dig set spike west LA volleyball christian schoolThe 2017 squad didn’t exactly storm back in varsity competition. They won three of their games. And they learned the rudiments of the game.

“It was amazing to win,” said team leader Alexis Lyons. “We accomplished our communication over the season. We got more confident. I hope next season is better.”

Towering junior Ymani Iyamah agreed. “From where we started we all really grew A LOT. Girls who had never touched a volleyball before were playing to their best and were keeping up with girls who play on club. We matured.”

The Saints grew strong at serving. A majority of points this season came from smacking unreturnable balls. As if to drive it home with thunder, Alexis jumped and launched a missile over the net for LCA’s final point of the game and the season.

An area for the girls to grow is their communication. On Tuesday when they lost to LA’s Pilgrim High School, the Saints looked like Chip and Dale, the overly polite cartoon chipmunks who constantly defer to one another: “After you” “No, I insist, after you.” Projectiles were falling and our missile defense system was failing.

fans support LCA volleyball West Los Angeles

But on Thursday at the Penmar Recreation Center, the Saints were communicating much better. They won

It was exciting to see the Santa Monica Christian school combine dig-set-spike like pros. They didn’t do it often, but it augurs a brightening future.

The Lighthouse’s return to the league has been poorly attended by fans. Past teams were composed of church girls, so the church showed their support by throng. But the high school has pivoted, attracting more outsiders. These are girls that the church doesn’t know but should reach out. Your support is an outreach, a chance to show them love and attract them to church.

Thursday’s fan support was quite the contrast with most of the season. The entire football team was there, as was the LCA teaching staff, a smattering of parents and other students.

With Coach Delores Hively

With Coach Delores Hively

Rudee (Becerra) led with serving points yesterday — 25! WOW!” said Coach Delores Hively. “Ymani and Jamie (Roman) had 12! Alexis and Trina (Gratton) let with assists and attacks. Ymani also led with blocks and had some impressive hits.”

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